Netflix has unveiled the new trailer of Things Heard and Seen. The thriller, set to come out later this month, is Oscar-nominated Amanda Seyfried (Bead, Mama Mia! here we go again) Belongs to. The film takes us back to the 80s and focuses on moving a Manhattan couple to a historic home, only to find that their wedding has a horrifying darkness. As we can see from the trailer, all kinds of mystery and evil are hidden in this adaptation of Elizabeth Brundage’s 2016 novel.

The trailer opens at the center of our story with the couple preparing to leave life in New York City for a rural existence. Catherine of Amanda Seyfried is reluctant, but goes along with it to support her husband. They are already quite happy with their new farm house, which needs some renovation. But Katherine discovers a book that takes her on a dark path. As it turns out, this small town has a dark history, and their new home is in the center of that darkness. The trailer does not reveal much about the evil in the play, but it teases a lot of horrific events.

Robert Pulsini and Sherry Springer Burman (American splendor) Wrote and directed the film. It is based on Elizabeth Brundage’s novel All Things Sees to Appear. The cast also includes James Norton (happy Valley), Natalia Dyer (Strange things), Alex Neustader (Colony), Rhea Seahorn (better call Saul), Michael O’Keefe (Caddyshack), Karen Allen (Raiders of the Lost Ark), Jack Gore (Rim of the world), F. Morena Abraham (Amadeus), James Urbaniac (Venture Brothers) And Ana Sophia Hager (Life in pieces) Belongs to. Anthony Bregman, Stephanie Azpizu, Peter Crone and Julie Cohen as producers. Executive producers include Peter Pastorelli, Stephen Lippras, Pulcini and Burman.

Things heard and seen posters

Hear and see things Catherine Claire (center onAmanda Seyfried) Who unwillingly lives in Manhattan in the 1980s, lives in a small house in New York, chosen in a small house. Her husband George (James Norton) works at a small Hudson Valley college teaching art history, indicating the move. Even as she tries her best to convert the old dairy farm into a place where her younger daughter Frankie would be happy, Catherine finds herself isolated and alone. Before long, she realizes a frightening darkness, both in the walls of the sinister estate and in their marriage.

Netflix has an almost incredibly strong slate of original films on the way in 2021. It is one of more than 70 features that are coming on its customers during this year. Pieces of a woman, Out of the wire, Yes Day And bad trip There are a few recently arrived, with major releases such as Zack Snyder Army of the dead, Dwayne Johnson Red notice And Adam McKay Don’t look up, Among many others, still on deck. Hear and see things Comes on Netflix streaming service on April 29. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.

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