Netflix’s Malcolm & Marie Trailer Unites Zendaya & John David Washington in a Complicated Romance

Netflix has released the first trailer for Malcolm & Mary. In the film, Zendaya and John David Washington discover their past relationships as a couple. excitement Writer / director Sam Levinson teams up with Zendaya and Washington for an excellent romantic drama that was shot in secret during a public health crisis. Working with cinematographer Marcel Rev, Levinson produced a film of rare originality; A song for great Hollywood romance as well as a heartfelt expression of faith in the medium future.

Malcolm and mary Filmmaker Malcolm (John david washington) And his girlfriend (Zendaya Coleman) as they return home after a celebratory film premiere, awaiting what is an imminent critical and financial success. The evening suddenly takes a turn in the form of revelations about their relationship, a test of the strength of their love. The trailer is tense at times as the couple tries to navigate their relationship with Sam Levinson in a new expression. There is already a possibility of an Academy Award nomination for Zendaya due to his emotional performance in the film.

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When asked about his role Malcolm and mary, Zendaya Coleman It turned out that she wanted to go back to work. “It’s basically born within the quarantine conversation Sam [Levinson] And told me in an interview recently, “I wanted to make anything safely.” I really wanted to be creative and I didn’t work long that year anyway. Last thing i worked on excitement, And I actually had a year to do no acting. I really remembered what I used to love. Levinson and Zendaya were also able to work on two specials excitement Episodes during the epidemic, which are currently streaming on HBO Max.

Zendaya said that Sam Levinson had more than a few ideas about how they could get away with shooting Malcolm and mary Safely. One of those ideas was to shoot the film at Zendaya’s house. “We can shoot in our house and see if we come up with something. But it has become something a little more special that way … He told me one day about one of these two people in a house Called with beautiful thought. ” A relationship piece … like a play. “Everything went smoothly and they were able to shoot the film in secret, no interaction with the outside world.

Malcolm and mary Streaming will begin exclusively on Netflix from 5 February. It was written and directed by Sam Levinson, with Kevin Turren, Ashley Levinson, Levinson, Zendaya and John David Washington serving as producers. The film Will Greenfield, Aaron L. Gilbert is executive produced by Yariv Milchan, Michael Shaffer, and Scott Mascudi aka Kid QD. You can see the first trailer for this Malcolm and mary Above, thanks to the official Netflix YouTube channel.

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