Netflix’s Bridgerton: All hail the new regency sensation

soap. Frilly. Erotic. The new Netflix Regency drama Bridgeton represents the era of 19th-century Britain in the novel genre. Out of which people of one color play a major role. Although historically inaccurate, the Shonda Rhimes production tries to shed light on people of color and their role was to create the quintessential but scattered society of British aristocracy at the time. At Bridgerton, we have the Queen of Color, a beautiful dark skinned Duke and a skilled black boxer. It is a far cry from reality and how things were really meant for color at that time. But the Chris van Doosan-produced drama is not about sticking to the facts. Its attempt is to build this more egalitarian society in a world parallel to the imagination. And it does a stand up job.

Bridgerton is the perfect soap opera. It has all the climax of the genre, but the performances are not loud or sharp. It is closer to how people actually interacted or handled themselves during that time. In addition to a fairly well-written script based on Julia Quinn’s novels, Bridgerton’s main bridge is its dynamic leads (played by reggae-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevar) and their electric chemistry. The plot is set in a London society where the queen handles balls every season and determines who is the most blonde of them all. Post this chariot, there are queues outside women’s homes with dignitaries eager to court them. Our heroine Daphne Bridgerton is considered one of the incomparable of the new season, but turns into chaos after a provocative article about her by a writer named Lady Whistledown.

Bridgerton is heavily inspired by Jane Austen’s novels. But it’s more rational and I say, a little more entertaining. This, as I mentioned earlier in another article, a perfect blend of The Gossip Girl and great romantic classics.

Golda Roushuevel, who plays Queen Charlotte on the show, told Oprah magazine that Bridgetton is about rewriting and making a story that is more inclusive in nature. “We are having fun. We are being naughty. We are going sexual, we are getting grand. All the things that human beings do. I am a bitch. I was brought up in England. My mother was a period drama addict , Which made me a fan of them. I never thought that I would be able to have one. Now we can rewrite the story which is for a little girl sitting at home, “said the actor.

As one of the show’s lead characters, Lady Danbury, at one point, says, “Love, your grace, wins all.”

You can watch Bridgeton on Netflix.

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