Netflix’s A Week Away Trailer Has David Koechner Changing Teen Lives at Summer Camp

Netflix has released a trailer for this A week away, A new musical set will debut next month. The streaming service acquired global rights to the film last year, which comes from director Roman White, known for his music video work with artists such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. For his upcoming feature, White partnered with comedy icon David Kochner and worked for a week at a summer camp filled with music and romance led by a young artist, Kevin Quinn.

The trailer arrives for a week at church camp with a troubled teen named Will Hawkins, played by Kevin Quinn. He is, as one might expect, not thrilled at the prospect. David Koechner Then explains to him the meaning of the camp’s name, “Avegwe,” which indicates that some people are just a week away from an experience that could change their lives. When Will meets Avery, who sets this life-changing week in motion. There is a lot of singing. Dance a lot. Lots of singing. A lot of romance.

The cast also includes Bailey Madison, Jahbrill Cook, Kat Conner Sterling, Ian Tucker and Sherry Shepherd. Alan Powell and Kali Bailey worked on the screenplay. Powell also works as a producer with Steve Barnett and Gabriel Vasquez. Vicky Patel is an executive producer. Adam Watts is behind the original music. Powell had this to say about this Roman white Directed film.

“We’ve made a film for entertainment exploring the universal themes of family, friendship and acceptance. There is no better time than Netflix to help share that message, and no better partner than Netflix Is not. “

A week away The troubled teen Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) centers on a run-in law that puts him at an important crossroads: going to juvenile custody or attending a Christian summer camp. First a fish-out water, Will opens her heart, discovers love with a camp regular (Bailey Madison), and the feeling of getting her to the last place she was expected to meet.

The film’s official soundtrack will be available for pre-order on 26 February. It also includes several early singles. Let’s know a memory, Place in this world And Best Thing Ever (Stage Edition). The full 13 track album is slated to release on March 19 through all digital streaming providers, and will feature specials by JohnnySwim, Toren Wells and Riley Kleiman.

It is one of Netflix’s big 2021 release films. The company has more than 70 original debuts throughout the year, with at least one new film coming out every week. The sheer volume of content can be expected to compete with service and studios like nothing else. But quantity alone will not keep customers moving around. It has become a quality game. We’ll see if it becomes a hit. A week away Netflix is ​​scheduled to begin on March 26 on the streaming service. Watch the trailer for yourself.

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