Netflix Said No to Streaming Tommy Wiseau’s The Room

In a sea of ​​bad films, Tommy Visu’s 2003 romantic drama The Room is somewhat unique. Widely considered citizen Kane Bad-they-are good movies, rooms Through its Oscar-nominated film, it has also gained cult status and pop culture immortality on the strength of its greed. The disaster artist. But its widespread notoriety was not enough to lure Netflix into a streaming deal. The producer of the film, Tommy Visu, revealed the fact on Twitter in response to a fan whether he is asking rooms May be available on Netflix someday.

“Netflix said no.”

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rooms Johnny’s story is a well-rounded investment banker, played by Tommy Visu, his duplicate fiancée Lisa and Best Friend Mark and the love triangle developed between the three during the film. But in fact, the film could have tried to explain Singh about how to correct the gaps in the plot for the film’s reception.

what rooms Known for the cast’s bad acting, numerous technical and narrative flaws, and also a bizarre screenplay, written by Visu, such gems are depicted as a staple among internet memes, “You Splitting, Lisa! ” “

It says a lot about the quality of the film that it was found to be desired by Netflix‘s standards, a site that has often given movies with a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It may also have something to do with the borderline pornographic scenes of the film.

But again, the fact that The Room is considered too terrible allowed it to become popular in the first place. If it was a bad film, it would have been forgotten for a long time. Instead, fascinated viewers watched the film over and over, and James Franco was moved by Visu’s work as writer, director, producer and star rooms That he play it in The disaster artist.

Even if it’s not on Netflix, rooms Made Wiseau a star of sorts, even if for the opposite reason as to what he expected when he first started filming. But Visu has accepted that notoriety rooms Received it. He was a part of The disaster artist In a short cameo, and he was right there on stage with James Franco and the rest of the film’s team received the award.

whereas rooms No feature can be offered on Netflix anytime soon, unless fans want to start a ‘release visu cut’ campaign for Netflix, you can buy the film on Blu-ray and DVD via Visso’s website, Amazon and other outlets Can. Or you can play Room tribute, An unofficial video game adaptation of the film. Meanwhile, Wiseau plans to do a Broadway adaptation rooms, And is currently working Big shark, A film which was scheduled to be released last year before filming, got delayed.

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