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Netflix has released its first diversity and inclusion report. However, this is not the first time Netflix has shared this type of data. Netflix has shared representation numbers since 2013, but the company had not yet put a bow on it.

Worldwide, women make up 47.1% of Netflix’s workforce. Since 2017, the representation of white and Asian employees has been declining at a slow pace, while the representation of people from Hispanic or Latinax, Black, mixed-breed and native populations is increasing. In the US, Netflix 8.1% Hispanic or Latex, 8% Black, and 5.1% of its employees are mixed breed, while 1.3% of employees are either Native American, Native Alaska, Native Hawaii, Pacific Islands and / or Are from Middle East or North Africa.

Netflix’s representation of people of color at the leadership level is not perfect, but it is certainly better than its counterparts in the tech industry. The company’s leadership teams are 15.7% Asian, 9.5% Black, 4.9% Hispanic and 4.1% Netflix’s high-up mixed race.

The report states that Netflix has no concrete goal, but is generally willing to hire more aggressively and build its recruitment network, increasing representation in Verna Myers, VP of its inclusion and diversity. Additionally, Netflix says it wants to focus more on increased inclusion and representation of people outside the US, as well as finding a way to measure what the company calls “inclusive health”.

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