Neelima Azeem on relationship with son Shahid Kapoor, his wife Mira Rajput: ‘He is honest and brave, she’s my friend’

Neelima Azeem said that she had “experienced grief, sorrow, rejection, anxiety, pain and fear of the unknown and a lot of insecurity” for the first time when she was married to Pankaj Kapoor. The actor recently opened his broken marriage with Pankaj Kapoor and Rajesh Khattar. Recalling her first marriage, she said that she was married to her best friend but was not aware that anyone could experience such a decline in life. “It was the first time I really experienced grief, sorrow, rejection, anxiety, pain and fear of the unknown and a lot of insecurity.”

“But I don’t see it as a terrible thing that happened to me in life. I just think that I needed that bump. We all must understand that we are not exceptional or entitled, we are simply human beings who can be rejected. A year later it took me a year to put myself together, ”she told the Bollywood bubble in an interview.

Talking about her second marriage with Rajesh Khattar, Azeem called it an “impossible feat”.

“A second marriage would have happened if some things were not something that was difficult to face… it was difficult, it was an impossible achievement. I think it would have worked if it had more control and more logic and it made sense. But it flew, “the actor said that his sons Shahid Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar” were a big inspiration for me. A source of so much joy and encouragement. “

Neelima with Rajesh Khattar An old photo of Neelima Azeem with Rajesh Khattar. (Photo: Express Archive)

He also said that both Shahid and Ishaan are “honest, brave and do not judge others”. During the interview, the actor also talked about his bond with Meera Rajput, Shahid’s wife. “I obey Meera. He is a friend and I look forward to spending time with him. We have each other’s backs. I understand her because she is young and has had children at a very young age. He is highly intelligent and personal and yet kind. He is very intelligent. He is someone who does not want to search for Limelight. It is not a marriage. Brought up very well. “

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