Natti Natasha Reveals She’s Pregnant Onstage at 2021 Premio Lo Nuestro

Natti Natasha Reveals She's Pregnant Onstage at 2021 Premio Lo Nuestro

Showgirl natashaPregnancy Reveal is one of the books.

In 2021 Premio Lo Nustro, a particularly pregnant showgirl, stepped on stage with her hit song “Antes que salga el sol”. Prince royce. Dressed in stunning white jumpsuits, the performer sang with a shrug.

Prince Royce concluded his performance by congratulating him on becoming a mother.

Moments after the reveal, People gave espanol to en Published breathtaking photos of the pop star, who told the magazine that she and her fiance, music manager Rafael Pina, Felt that now is the right time to try for the child. He explained in Spanish, “I spoke with my partner Rafael [and told him]: ‘The years are passing, I know work is very important … but right now [biological] The clock does not stop. ”

Due to a prior surgery that required the fallopian tube to be removed, Natty underwent IVF treatment.

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