NASA’s JPL open-sources an anti-face touching wearable to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 – TipsClear

NASA’s JPL open-sources an anti-face touching wearable to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 – TipsClear

There are few voirbels in the world that are making claims around COVID-19 and their ability to identify, prevent it, prove that you don’t have it, and more. But NASA has a new wearable device The Jet Propulsion Laboratory may indeed be the most capable of stopping the spread of COVID-19 – and it is not really technologically advanced or complex.

JPL’s PULSE uses wearable 3D-printed parts and readily available, inexpensive electronic components to do just one thing: reminds a person not to touch their face. The designers of JPL claim that its simplicity is that the gadget can be easily reproduced “to anyone, regardless of their level of expertise”, encouraging more people and companies to actually do so For, the lab has provided a complete list of parts, 3D modeling files and complete instructions for its assembly through an open source license.

The pulse is essentially a pendant, worn between the head six inches and 1 foot around the neck, which can detect when a person’s hand is on their face using an IR-based proximity sensor. Used to be. A vibration motor then shakes a warning, and the response becomes stronger as your hand gets closer to your face.

The hardware itself is simple – but that’s the point. It is designed to run on a readily available 3V coin battery, and if you have a 3D printer for the case at hand and access to Amazon, you’ll probably be putting yourself together at home in no time. Can.

The goal of PULSE is not explicitly to abolish COVID-19 – contact transmission to a person’s mouth, nose, or eyes with contaminated hands is just a vector, and it seems that respiratory drops are minimal as a result of airborne transmission. Effective in passing the virus around. But just like wearing regular masks can dramatically reduce transmission risk, at least how often you touch your face can have a major combination effect with other measures to reduce the spread.

Other health tests may actually be able to tell you whether you have COVID-19 before showing significant symptoms or have positive test results – but there is still work that needs to be done to understand how it works. Is, and how it can be limited to contact. JPL’s pulse now has the advantage of being effective in terms of building positive habits that we know will limit the spread of COVID-19, as well as other viral infections.

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