NASA Perseverance rover sends back first sounds from Mars: Hear them here

NASA Perseverance rover sends back first sounds from Mars: Hear them here

This is part of the story Welcome to mars, Our series explores the red planet.

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Watch (and listen to) NASA’s strongly landing video


NASA’s Perseverance Rover traveled to Mars Equipped with microphones to capture their descent and landing and Martian surface environments. However, the system did not manage to capture audio to go along with the stunning video of descent and landing, while one of the microphones on the fixture has sent sounds back from the surface of the red planet.

The brief audio sample, which can be heard in the video clip embedded above, sets off the whistle-like sounds of the rover’s operation with a brief gust of wind.

It is unconscious and small, but still for the first time in human history is to obtain a new type of sensory data from our neighboring planet.

Mission team members told reporters on Monday to use a microphone of solidity to hear more wind, storms, perhaps falling rocks and the sound of the rover’s wheels above the rocks or cracking its Mars surface. Look forward to

In addition, Sound can become a new tool for listening to the sounds of a rover to analyze how well its components are working and potentially diagnose these problems.

Perseverance team members have also warned that microphones cannot last forever due to extreme conditions on Mars, including temperatures, dust and radiation.

However for a long time they will see what happens next in our first interplanetary audio drama.

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