Nail Polish movie review: An intriguing crime-legal thriller

Nail Polish: Arjun Rampal, Manav Kaul, Anand Tiwari, Rajit Kapoor, Madhu Shah, Samreen Kaur
Nail Polish Director: Bugs Bhargava Krishna
Nail Polish Rating: Three and a half stars

Nail Polish is a tricky crime-legal thriller that manages to maintain its twist and turn with minimal swag. Popular, popular sports coach Veer Singh (Kaul) is accused of heinous rape and murder of two children. But what appears to be an open-closed case turns into a strange tale of trauma, divisive personality, and questionable redemption of the past, based on evidence.

Well-heeled, renowned lawyer Sid Jaisingh (Rampal) comes up from an unexpected source. Amita Kumar (Tiwari) advocates witness after witness, who is busy defending. Judge Bhushan (Kapoor) presides, with an open mind. Meanwhile, a violent episode pushes Veer Singh to the brink, and the reflex makes us question how we experience piety and ‘madness’, and ask ourselves, is Veer innocent, or a ruthless killer The

The fast-paced plot is padded with interesting little touches, depicting the characters in their professional and personal ways. Jaisingh likes to wear black satin at home, and does not care for the women he is close to. Tiwari has a comfortable life, but needs the help of an inhaler to regain his breath. Bhushan has a wife (Madhu) who divides his affection between him and alcohol. And Veer’s dark past, sharply engraved, shows a beautiful woman in it.

Some things are exaggerated (according to an inference with a character smiling intentionally), some facts are vaguely presented, but the occasional i-roll, despite nail polish, is delighted by an amazing performance by Kaul, And ably supported by rest, keep us engaged. It is great to see Madhu back in films. That’s a bonus.

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