Naandhi movie review: Allari Naresh’s strong performance keeps this drama afloat

Nandi cast: Allari Naresh, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Harish Uthman
Nandhi Director: Vijay Kanakmedla

Allari Naresh, who has done 50 films in only 10 years, has been his pick of films in the last half decade. His filmography is a testament to how determined he is to choose content-driven projects. His choice is bound to work for him and his new release, Nandhi, is a case in point.

Directed by debutant director Vijay Kanakmedla, Nandi tells the story of an innocent man Surya Prakash (Allari Naresh) who is wrongly convicted in a murder case and spends five years in jail. The life before his imprisonment and how he was set up for the crime forms the brutality of the story. The director brings all of these elements together to serve us an absorbing film.

While the director’s effort to introduce flaws in our judicial system is hardly novel, the way he shows similar laws comes to the rescue of the hero who keeps the audience hooked.

However, Nandi is not a true 141 minute film. It lasts a little longer than necessary and misses the beat a few times. However, it lacks in terms of strong positions, this is more in line with the Allari King’s top performance. His honesty in showing the character’s emotional conflict and thought process wins audience sympathy. The film is in and out of his show.

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