Music Producer Pierce Fulton Dead at 28

Music Producer Pierce Fulton Dead at 28

Members of the dance music community are sharing their grief over the loss of the producer Pierce Fulton.

DJ died at the age of 28 on Thursday 29 April Statement His elder brother, GriffPosted on Monday 3 May on Pierce’s social media channels. Griff did not disclose the specifics of his brother’s death, but said it was the composer’s “tragic struggle with mental health”.

Pierce was born in Vermont and emerged prominently in 2014, reaching the top of his single “Runway” BoardEmerging Artist Chart. In the same year, his song “Kuga (Lost Time)” hit number 38. BoardThe dance / mix show was part of the airplay chart and a Smirnoff ad.

“Waiting for Tomorrow,” his 2018 tune Martin garrix Of which the vowels are shown Mike ShinodaLanded at number 26 BoardAmerica’s Hot Dance / Electronic Songs Chart.

“Pierce was so incredibly full of life, love and unimaginable creativity,” Griff wrote in the statement. “He loved you all very much and wanted to give you everything you had; and he had a lot to give.”

His message encouraged anyone who is struggling to reach out for help with mental health issues.

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