More Than Miyagi Trailer Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Karate Kid Star Pat Morita

Life and legacy of Karate kid Franchise star Pat Morita will be explored in an upcoming documentary More from Miyagi: The Pat Morita Story. In the film, filmmaker Kevin Derek revealed that Morita’s early days as a woman battled spinal tuberculosis in her battle with drug and alcohol addiction, all of the actor’s and comedian’s work on the big and small screen. Were celebrating Love Project Films has released the official trailer on YouTube.

According to the official Synopsis: “The Oscar-nominated actor is best known for his role as Mr. Miyagi, a painfully left behind man, revealing his very brief autobiographical record on Earth. Trace your journey by being tied to bed as a boy. Bright lights and hallucinations in Hollywood. Deep inside that endearing, generous, multi-talented cast seize an army of monsters, even alcoholics. And drug masks also cannot be masked. “

During production, a sneak peek clip from the documentary was released, in which Tommy Chong told of Morita’s memories. “He became Mr. Miyagi,” Chong says in the clip. “In so many ways, it was him. He was Pat.”

With archival interview Party morita Will himself used to help tell his life story in the film. Along with Chong and other comics such as Larry Miller, many of Morita’s famous collaborators will be interviewed to speak about their late friend. Which also includes morita Karate kid Co-stars Ralph Macchio, Martin Cove, and William Zabka, and his happy Days Co-stars Marion Ross and Henry Winkler.

Morita Mr. Cute to play Miyagi’s iconic role Karate kid Franchise, a role that earned him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Archival footage and references have also kept the character’s appearance alive in the popular sequel series on Netflix, Cobra moss. After Karate kid, Mowita also earned an Emmy nomination for the role of Tommy Tanaka in the TV film Amos. He also wrote and acted in the World War II film Captive heart.

Mr. Miyagi may be Morita’s career-defining role, but fans also praised the actor for what he did as a comedian. He is very widely known for playing on Arnold happy Days, To help establish how efficient he can be as a skilled person. Morita also starred as the inventor Taro Takahashi in her own comedy series, Mr t and tina, Which was the first Asian-American sitcom on network television. Additionally, Morita appeared in comedic roles Sanford and Son, Married and have children And The hughlis And was a recurring role in the Nickelodeon series Shelby Woo’s Mystery Files.

As you will see in the documentary, Morita struggled with her personal demons behind the curtain like many other famously funny people. It is a shame that he is gone, but the film also proves that his legacy lives on for 15 years after his death. More from Miyagi: The Pat Morita Story Premiere on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services on February 5. The official trailer comes courtesy of Love Project Films on YouTube, and some details of this story come to us from Entertainment Weekly.

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