Monster Hunter Rise’s April Update Adds Elder Dragons

During today’s digital event, Capcom revealed what to expect from it Monster Hunter Uday 2.0 update and upcoming Monster Hunter Stories 2: Waste of Wings. Capcom showcased new gameplay and characters for the latter, and provided more details on the latest Growth The update, which will include enjoying new monsters and much more content.

The Chameleon is back with the dreaded Elder Dragons, and Apex Demons! ????????????#MHRise Update. 2.0 launch in 10 hours! Free for all players.

& mdash; Monster Hunter (@monsterhunter) 27 April, 2021

Monster Hunter Uday 2.0 is a free update that will launch for the Nintendo Switch on April 28. In particular, it will include five new monsters: Girgos, Apex Diablos, Apex Rathlos, and the new Elder Dragons Teostra and Kusumbora. We also received word that Apex monsters would appear during normal quests. Capcom also revealed that it would increase HR7’s previous Hunter rank cap, which would also add to the game’s new armor set.

At the end of the presentation, Capcom looked forward to the future Growth, That update 3.0 will be available in late May 2021. This 3.0 update will facilitate the taking down of new monsters, although it is unknown whether they will be new monsters or creatures returning from previous installments.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Waste of Wings Its third trailer was received, showing some of its new characters and seeing Raging Chariot. Capcom took a deep plunge into the fighting of the game, which would feature a rock-paper-scissors-style battle system.

Meet new characters and see the power of Raging Ratha in the latest trailer of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruyan!

Can Riders and Hunters work together in this epic story? # MHStories2

& mdash; Monster Hunter (@monsterhunter) 27 April, 2021

A crossover between the two games is planned. Player with Monster Hunter Uday Will get access to Hunter’s Kamura armor to save data Monster hunter stories 2. Similarly, your Monster hunter stories 2 Save data will purge you in the default rider shield Monster Hunter Uday.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Waste of Wings Nintendo will launch on July 9, 2021 for Switch.

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