Money Heist 5: Itziar Ituño bids goodbye to Inspector Raquel aka Lisbon with an emotional Instagram post

After Pedro Alonso (Berlin), Miguel Herran (Rio) and Jaime Lorente (Denver), now Itizar Ituano, who wrapped up the filming of season 5 of the popular Netflix show Money Heist.

Itizar, who plays Rakil Murillo aka Lisbon in Money Heist, expressed his grief on Instagram as he shared a click from the set. He also posted pictures of his character, leaving fans with a bitter-sweet sentiment. A translation of her Spanish caption reads, “Now yes! Goodbye, Inspector Raqeel Murillo, Lisbon thief !! What a trip it was !! Now yes! GOODBEE, AGUR, CIAO, ADEU, ADIOS, BYE, AU REVOIR Raquel Murillo, Ayo Lisboa! !! What a trip it was! “

Itziyar Itua, which has been a part of La Casa de Papel or Money Heist since its debut in 2017, had a graph of notable character. He started as a policeman on a mission to spoil the professor’s plan to rob the royal mint of Spain. But due to a turn of events, she joined the gang and acquired the name of Lisbon. She also falls in love with The Professor (Alvaro Morte) and becomes her right-hand woman in the scheme.

raquel lisbon money heist stills Itziar Ituño played the role of a policeman with the National Police Corps in Money Heist Season 1-3. (Photo: Netflix)

Money Heist Season 4 ends with Lisbon on a cliffhanger, which enters the Bank of Spain to carry out the robbery and becomes The Professor’s eyes and brain inside the bank.

Netflix defeated Money Heist’s fifth and last season in July last year. The show went on floors in August 2020, but production was delayed due to the proliferation of coronoviruses.

Money Heist 5, which will be a 10-episode series, is currently under construction. After several delays due to Kovid-19, the show slashed its release date in the summer of 2021. It is now aimed at a premiere in the last quarter of the year, Netflix recently confirmed.

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