Mom Is Ending With Season 8 on CBS

Mom Is Ending With Season 8 on CBS

mother the end is coming.

CBS has announced that the current eighth season will be the last of the sitcom, and its series finale on May 6. Anna faris, Which was abandoned before the season began and was written when his character, Christie, went to law school.

Executive Producer Chuck lore, Gema baker And Nick Bakke Issued a statement at the end of the series.

He said, “For the past eight years, we have had the great honor of bringing these amazing characters to share their struggles and triumphs with millions of viewers every week.” “From the beginning, we told stories about recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction, which were rarely portrayed in a comedy comedy series. Whether it was the live audience’s emotional reactions to the tape audience inside Stage 20, or White Discussion in the house. We are very proud to know about the opioid crisis, or the personal stories we keep receiving on social media. mother Has positively influenced so many people. We are forever grateful to our fabulous cast and guest stars, amazing writers, and the amazing crew for taking us on this journey with us. “

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