Miu Miu’s Female-Directed Short Films are Now Available in MUBI’s Library

Miu Miu’s Female-Directed Short Films are Now Available in MUBI’s Library
Les 3 Boutons by Agnes Verda. Image courtesy Miu Miu.

The films “celebrate arrogance and femininity critically in the 21st century.”

Since 2011, Miu Miu has been commissioning some of the industry’s boldest filmmakers to make short films as part of their ongoing television series. Female filmmakers tapped by the Italian brand have used Miu Miu clothing in a new way to tell different and powerful stories, “to celebrate arrogance and femininity in the 21st century with a critical eye.”

Work in the series has come from some of the world’s most acclaimed filmmakers, such as French New Wave legend Agnes Varda, Oscar-nominated director Ava Duvarna Vai, and Scottish director Lynn Ramsay. American actresses Chloe Sewanee and Dakota Fanning have also contributed films to the series.

miu miu women's tales
( [end) of history illusion] By Celia Rolson-Hall. Image courtesy miu miu

The latest French director Mati Deep has been honored to contribute to the series, becoming the first black female director to be a contender for the 2019 film of the Palms d’Or, the highest award at the Cannes Film Festival. Atlantics. His new little In my room Screened at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month, and was awarded the twentieth title for inclusion in the Women’s Tales series, now available for viewing in its entirety at the library of streaming service MUBI.

Amidst the health and social crisis, when Miu Miu proposed to me to make a film for women’s stories, I felt it was a very delicate exercise, but it was also a challenge that required me to practice my practice Faced with questions. Filmmaker, ”said Dip in a statement. “What a story, now I can tell with minimal means alone in my studio, which resonates with what the world is getting intimate with?”

miu miu women's tales
That One Day by Crystal Moseley. Image courtesy Miu Miu.

There are twenty Mahila Katha short films now available to stream on Mubi:

In my room, By Mati Deep
night walk, By Małgorzata Szumowska
Brigitte, Directed by Lynn Ramsay
Shako mako, By Hailey Gates
The Wedding Singer’s Daughter, By Haifa al-Mansoor
Hello apartment, By Dakota Fanning
( [End) of History Illusion], By Celia Rolson-Hall
Carmen, By Chloe Sewanne
That one day, By Crystal Moseley
seed, By Naomi Kawase
Les 3 bouton, By Agnes Warda
De jism, By Alice Rohrwacher
someone, Miranda until July
Spark and light, By Soo Yong Kim
Le donne della vuciria, By Hayem Abbas
The door, By Ava DuVernay
its getting late, By Massey Tadjedin
Woman dress, By Giada Collagrade
Muta, By Lucaresia Martell
The Powder Room, By Zoe Cassavetes

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