Mira Nair wins TIFF Tribute award, says important to tell our own stories

Mira Nair wins TIFF Tribute award, says important to tell our own stories
By: PTI | New Delhi

September 16, 2020 1:41:37 pm

Meera Nair wins TIFF Tribute AwardMeera Nair was one of the six recipients of TIFF tribute awards. (Photo: Twitter / TIFF_NET)

Mira Nair, whose two episodes of the six-part television series A Suitable Boy will kick off the 45th Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday, received the Jeff Schole Award for Impact Media on Monday evening at the remotely held TIFF tribute awards ceremony Was.

The award presentation to Nair was initiated by Tabu, the star of A Suitable Boy, as well as the director’s critically acclaimed 2006 drama The Namesake.

The actor said, “When Meera Nair was a child, he asked himself, can art change the world?” He has proved that it can. “

And in doing so, the filmmaker, Tabu said, set “the highest standards of cinema”.

Nair Oxogenian actor Sir Anthony Hopkins, Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet, one of the six recipients of the TIF Tribute Awards along with Chinese-American filmmaker Chloe Zhao (whose Venice Golden Lion-winning nomad field is one of the highlights of TIFF 2020) Were. Canadian director Tracy Deere and composer Terence Blanchard.

In her acceptance speech, Meera Nair said, “It sounds like fun when I work, so I really want to thank the Toronto International Film Festival for giving me part of the extraordinary privilege of having fun and being able to Award for being made. For making cinema. “

Nair, who spends his time between homes in New York City, Kampala and New Delhi, said: “I have often said that if we would not tell our stories to anyone else. But it does not stop there. In telling these stories, I have also discovered the power of hearing, the possibility to build bridges, the possibility of translation, to be frightening. “

“The award tells me,” Nair said, “my art and my films have really changed. It’s such a beautiful feeling.”

The filmmaker signed off saying, “I accept the award in honor of all the stories that were unknown, unseen, lewd and unsightly.” It is here for them and they occur everywhere in the world. “

The TIFF tribute is a part of the award ceremony which is considered one of the “most important launching pads for cinema” and is held as a bang for the Oscars. The awards honor outstanding contributors of the film industry and their achievements.

Sir Anthony Hopkins’ TIFF Tribute Actor Award was presented by Olivia Colman to her on-screen daughter in the film The Father, which is part of the celebration program.

Accepting his award, the 82-year-old actor said: “I am surprised that I am still working at my age.”

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