Milo Ventimiglia Wears Short Shorts, Makes the Internet Go Wild

Milo Ventimiglia Defends His Gym Shorts After Those Viral Pics

Note: Internet: Meet ventimiglia Setting records about them directly Was accused Little shorts.

As fans this is us The star may recall, the actor raced for pulses in April, when he was photographed leaving the gym in West Hollywood. In the photos, Milo can be seen walking in his car after a workout, putting his muscles on full display in a rolled-up graphic tee and what appears to be very short shorts. However, during an appearance in the May 17 episode during statement, Were Gilmore Girls Alum explained that the shorts are actually “normal length”.

“I swear to God that this is just a man leaving the gym,” he told the co-hosts. “I wasn’t even thinking about it. Shorts are of normal length, but when I do workouts I twist them in a way so that I can work a little more hard. It’s also a joke for some of my friends Is the ones inside the gym. When I’m there. We all know each other … You know, climb under a bar or on a machine or something and my shorts get really high, Then every kind of hoot and holler. “

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