Millions of WandaVision Fans Crashed the Disney+ Servers Trying to Stream Episode 7

Millions of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans crashed the Disney + server late at night. Vandavision Episode 7 debuted at midnight PST and 3 pm EST, and many fans were not able to watch at the time due to such intense demand. like Mandalorian, Like Marvel Studios Netflix only shows one new episode a week instead of dumping the entire season at once. To avoid spoilers, some more hardcore fans are watching, or attempting to watch, right when Disney + launches the latest episode. Not here Failed For Vandavision Episode 7 below.

According to Downdetector, more than 15,000 Disney + server issues were reported only after 3 pm EST, which is after the new episode Vandavision Started streaming. It seems that things returned to normal by 4:30 am, or 1:30 pm PST. The streaming service had some bugs when it was first launched in November 2019. Star wars Fans try hard Mandalorian At midnight, only she found herself locked from the server.

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Disney + was quick to fix their streaming problems in late 2019 and early 2020. Mandalorian Season 2 was to go without a hitch, although there may be some outages late at night. During last night’s accident Vandavision The debut just goes to show how loyal the Marvel Cinematic Universe fan base is. By the time the episode airs, there are spoilers everywhere, meaning fans can either be tired all day by watching new episodes until late at night, or behave like Minesweeper’s games on the Internet all day Until they get up from work.

Vandavision Started off rather slow, MCU fans were inspired for the new series’ classic sitcom Vibe. The first two episodes really clung to that premise and didn’t really hint at the outside world or what was actually happening within the current reality of Wanda Maximoff. As the week goes by, more of the story is presented, leading to an insane amount of online fan theories each week. For WandVision Episode 7, it has provided a lot of answers that await fans, while still providing more and more questions.

Vandavision Wanda Maximoff as Vision and Elizabeth Olsen as Paul Bettany. The two actors teased that MCU fans still don’t know what they’re in for when the show is over, even hinting that more characters are being introduced. As of this writing, there are only 3 episodes left, if you count the episode that dropped today, there is still a lot to learn. Hopefully Disney + has made all of its servers ready for the crazy amount of viewers it will take today. The downed detector website was one of the first places to indicate that there were massive outages during Disney + Vandavision Drop.

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