Mid Day Meal Scheme – Status Check, Procedures, Facilities

The Mid Day Meal Scheme (MDMS) in Kerala, under the PM Poshan initiative, includes an Online Attendance System. This scheme is an effort to enhance the nutritional status of school-going children nationwide. Let’s break down the key components:

  1. Mid Day Meal Scheme (MDMS): This is a program initiated by the Government of India aimed at improving the nutritional status of children in government and government-aided schools. It provides free lunches on school days.
  2. Kerala’s Implementation: Kerala, like other states, has adopted this scheme. The state might have its specific nuances in implementation, focusing on the dietary habits and nutritional needs specific to the region.
  3. PM Poshan (earlier known as National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education): This is a central government initiative, which the Mid Day Meal Scheme is a part of. It was recently rebranded as PM Poshan to encompass a broader range of nutritional and educational objectives.
  4. Online Attendance System: As part of modernizing and ensuring the efficiency of the scheme, an online attendance system might be integrated. This system would likely track the number of students availing the mid-day meals, helping in better planning, resource allocation, and monitoring.

Each of these components plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the Mid Day Meal Scheme, contributing to both the educational and nutritional well-being of children in Kerala.

Scheme : Mid Day Meal Scheme (MDMS)
Facility Name : PM Poshan & Online Attendance System
Applicable State/UT : Kerala
Website : http://www.mdms.kerala.gov.in/Logon.aspx

How To Login To MDMS Kerala Online Attendance System?

To login to MDMS Kerala Online Attendance System, Follow the below steps

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Step-1 : Go to the link given above
Step-2 : Enter the User ID
Step-3 : Enter the Password
Step-4 : Enter the Captcha and
Step-5: Click On Login Button

Mid Day Meal Scheme

FAQ On Mid Day Meal Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Mid Day Meal Scheme

1. What is the Mid Day Meal Scheme?
The Mid Day Meal Scheme (MDMS) is a nationwide government program in India that provides free, nutritious meals to children studying in primary and upper primary classes (Grade 1 to 8) in government, government-aided, and special needs schools. The goal is to improve children’s nutritional status, increase school attendance and enrollment, and enhance their learning abilities.

2. Who is eligible for the Mid Day Meal Scheme?
** Children enrolled and attending classes 1 to 8 in government, government-aided, and special needs schools.
** Children attending madrasas and maqtabs under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

3. What kind of meal is provided?
** The meal should have a minimum of 450-700 calories for primary level children and 700-900 calories for upper primary level children.
** It should contain at least 12-20 grams of protein, 50-60 grams of carbohydrates, and 5-7 grams of fat.
** The menu should be diverse and include a variety of food items like rice, pulses, vegetables, eggs, milk, etc., to ensure nutritional balance.

4. How often are meals provided?
** Meals are served on all working school days.
** In some cases, meals might be provided during summer vacations in drought-affected areas.

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Additional Simplified Procedure

To log in to the MDMS Kerala Online Attendance System, you’ll need some basic information handy:

1. Login Credentials:
** Username: This is typically provided by your school or institution administrator. It could be your employee ID, student ID, or another unique identifier assigned to you.
** Password: This is also provided by your administrator and should be kept confidential.

2. System Access:
** URL: The MDMS Kerala Online Attendance System can be accessed through the following URL: http://www.mdms.kerala.gov.in/Aeo/SchAttendance.aspx
** Device: You can access the system using any web browser on a computer or mobile device with a stable internet connection.

Here’s the step-by-step login process:
1. Open the MDMS Kerala Online Attendance System
2. Enter your Username: In the designated field, type your username provided by your administrator.
3. Enter your Password: In the password field, type your password provided by your administrator.
4. Click Login: Click the “Login” button to access the system.

Additional Tips:
** Ensure you’re using the correct URL and entering your credentials accurately.
** If you encounter any login errors, double-check your username and password. You can also try resetting your password if you’ve forgotten it. Contact your administrator for assistance with password reset.
** The system interface might differ slightly depending on your user role (e.g., teacher, student, staff).
** Keep your browser and operating system updated for optimal system performance.

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