Microsoft Fails in Bid to Acquire TikTok’s U.S. Operations

The computer giant said on Sunday that Microsoft had failed in its attempt to acquire the US operations of the popular social media app Tickcock.

Microsoft was an early contender to buy part of Tiktok from its Chinese owner, ByteDance, but is clearly nowhere in the conversation.

Two days before the announcement, President Trump considers the upcoming deadline to sell his US assets for ByteDance or to see an app banned in US Trump as a threat to national security.

Microsoft said in a statement on its website: “ByteDance told us today that they will not sell TikTok’s American operations to Microsoft.

“We believe our proposal will be good for users of Tiktok while protecting national security interests. To do this, we must have made significant changes to ensure that the service meets the highest standards of security, privacy, online security, and combat disinfection, and we clarified these principles in our August statement. “

The company said: “We look forward to seeing how service develops in these key areas.”

Attention is now turning to Oracle, which is reportedly negotiating with ByteDance over the sale of Tickcock’s US operations. Digital Trend has reached the vastness of software to explore more and we will update this piece when we hear back.

Tickcock wants to ensure its presence in the US after President Donald Trump issued an executive order in August, stating that the app would be banned until ByteDance took over its US assets by September 15. Did not sell Although a subsequent executive order extended the deadline to 12 November, Trump insisted to reporters last week that the deadline would not be extended and that ByteDance had until September 15 to seal an agreement.

Trump considers the app a threat to national security, alleging that it is for taking user data that could eventually be used by the Chinese government for nefarious purposes. TikTok always insisted that this could never happen.

UPDATE: Oracle has reportedly signed a deal to acquire TikTok’s US operations.

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