Microsoft employees call for company to cancel its police contracts – TipsClear

In a new letter addressed to the executive leadership of a Microsoft group Employees demand that the Seattle-area company terminate its existing law enforcement contracts.

The letter, sent via email, as reported by OneZero, originated from a Facebook group for young employees at the company. It directly addresses Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Executive Vice President Kurt Delben and 250 supporters have been copied. In the past, Microsoft employees have conducted other types of activism through the same Facebook group, which now has around 10,000 members.

Amid demands, the email asked the company to pull out its contracts with law enforcement agencies, support the “defending and demilitarization” of the Seattle Police Department and throw its support behind Black Lives Matter Seattle. The letter also requested that the company’s managers relax productivity expectations and implement a four-day work week amid the double woes of COVID-19 and the police assassination of George Floyd, an unarmed black man in Minneapolis Protesting ongoing civil unrest.

The letter cited several local examples of police brutality and called for “people living outside Seattle to stay away from colleagues, managers, and leaders”, to bridge the gap in Seattle. Urban centers add state-sanctioned violence, including “24”. / 7 helicopter noises, splitters, flashbanging, rubber bullets, gunfire, and vans / buses loaded with armed enforcement forces. “

“We need awareness and empathy at all levels of management so that the burden of educating our colleagues does not fall on us amidst public safety and mental health crises.”

Last week, Nadella outlined the company’s planned response to ongoing racial injustice in an email to employees, noting that the company would “investigate our organization, and perform better.” In the letter, Nadella pledged $ 1.5 million in additional donations for six racial justice and police reform reforms, including the Minnesota Freedom Fund, the Black Lives Matter Foundation, and the Innocence Project.

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