Microsoft acquires Nuance for $19.7B – ClearTips

Microsoft acquires Nuance for $19.7B – TechCrunch

Microsoft acquires a large healthcare facility, Twitter has a presence in Africa and Apple is cooking up some new smart home products. This is your daily crunch for April 12, 2021.

Big story: Microsoft acquires Nuance for $ 19.7B

Microsoft announced this morning that it was acquiring speech-to-text company Nuance Communications for $ 19.7 billion. There seems to be a real focus here on healthcare – Microsoft announced a cloud for healthcare last year, while Nunes’ industry products include Dragon Ambient eXperience for Radiology Reporting, Dragon Medical One and Powerside One.

A company’s blog post stated, “Today’s acquisition announcement represents the latest phase of Microsoft’s industry-specific cloud strategy.”

Analysts told us that it could help Microsoft fill critical gaps when it comes to both speech recognition and health data.

Tech giants

Both Apple and Google will join the Senate hearing on the App Store competition – after it appears that Apple may be a no-show, with the company sending a representative for a Senate antitrust hearing later this month on the App Store competition Has committed.

Twitter – to establish its first African presence in Ghana – In a statement, Twitter said it is now actively building a team in Ghana “immersed in the rich and vibrant communities that sweep across the continent every day.” Conduct conversations that happen. “

Apple said that smart speaker displays such as the Apple TV / HomePod combo and iPad are being developed – according to Bloomberg, Apple is reportedly working on some new options for a new entry into the smart home.

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

Austin’s newest unicorn: Zebra raises $ 150M after doubling revenue in 2020 – Zebra started as a site for people looking for auto insurance through their real-time comparison comparison tool, and with He has also added homeowners insurance.

Hardware is still hard at Motor City – Astrohaus co-founder Adam Leib describes the ups and downs of starting a hardware startup in Detroit.

EcoCart raises $ 3M for Honey-like browser extensions to offset shoppers ‘carbon emissions – brands pay commissions to the company to drive traffic to their website under a standard affiliate marketing model and EcoCart shoppers’ carbon emissions Uses a portion of income to offset. .

Additional crisis advice and analysis

How to choose and deploy industry-specific AI models – Organizations that want the most accurate results from their AI projects simply have to turn to industry-specific models.

UiPath’s first IPO pricing could be a warning to latecomers – the company’s first IPO price range failed to value the company where its last private backers expected it.

Ride-Healing’s profitability promise is in its final countdown – the exchange is back!

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everything else

Biden’s Cyber ​​Security Dream Team Shapes – President Biden has nominated two former National Security Agency veterans to senior government cybercity positions, including the first national cyber director.

Tech and Auto tackle Global Chip Shortage at White House Summit – Today a gathering of tech and auto industry executives met with the White House to discuss solutions to chip shortages around the world.

How a founder identified a huge healthcare gap and acquired the skills needed to address it – we’re already telling you about ClearTips’s new podcast Found, but now we get the first episode for your listening pleasure has gone.

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