Michelle accuses Dimpal Bhal of lying about Juliet, takes Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 house by storm

The atmosphere inside the complex of Bigg Boss’s Malayalam 3 house has become very intense and emotional. Contestant Dimple Bhil has established himself as a force to rebuild home in a very short time. She has won the admiration and respect of most housewives by telling her the story of her life, and especially about the death of her friend, which changed her life.

Dimple shared a sad story about her childhood friend Juliet, whom she considers her guardian angel. He remembered that Juliet had died when they were both returning home from school. And he told the story in great detail. She also said that she recently met Juliet’s parents almost two decades later. And Dimple says that she has come to know from her parents that Juliet considers her her best friend and always talks to her mother about her. He also got Juliet’s date of birth tattooed on his arm in memory of his friend. Dimple’s story left everyone in the house in tears. And RJ Feroze predicted that her story was so powerful that it would decide the course of the game.

It seems that not everyone was influenced by Feroze’s prediction. TV duo Feroz Khan and Sajna and actor Michelle entered the show as wild contestants. And with him a series of questions arose about Dimple’s story. Mitchell raised serious questions about the reality of Dimple’s story. He went so far that Dimple’s story equaled that of Drisham’s. She accused Dimple of planning well in advance.

Dimple had said that when she met Juliet’s mother, she had an opportunity to wear her late friend’s school dress. Michelle questioned how 20-something dimples fit into the student uniform.

Mitchell’s allegations took her home by storm in Monday’s episode. Dimple became inconsistent on hearing Mitchell’s allegations against her. And the housewife now seems to be in a prediction, not sure who to believe: Michelle or Dimple?

Meanwhile, Dimple’s sister Thinkal Bhil has vowed to clear her sister’s name. “A few months ago Dimple met Juliet’s mother. He (Juliet’s mother) valued his daughter’s dress. By then, Dimple didn’t even know that Juliet considered her best friend. Juliet was the tallest girl in her class and Dimple did not physically change much after her surgery. “They are advised to maintain a low BMI, to make their physique easier,” Thinkl told the Times of India.

She has claimed that soon she will go on television with Juliet’s mother and put an end to all these allegations for once.

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