Michael Rooker Channels Rowdy Burns in Days of Thunder Throwback Photo

Michael Rooker airing Rowdy Burns after finding and putting on his old jacket days of Thunder. During his career, Rucker has played many memorable roles, perhaps as an antagonist. Winston Cup champion and Cole Trickle (Tom Cruise) rival, Rudy Rucker poses as one of the best roles, and it’s fun to see Rooker step back into character by donning the fictional NASCAR star’s jacket .

In the caption, Michael rooker Writes, “NASCAR forever ….. was going through some of my old jackets and see what I got ……… wow !!!”

Directed by Tony Scott and written by Robert Town days of Thunder Was released in theaters in 1990. It stars Tom Cruise as Cole Trickle, a young racer recruited to compete in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. As he becomes accustomed to the NASCAR style of racing, Cole competes with Rowdy Burns (Rooker), an arrogant championship racer whose skills on the track scare Cole. After both drivers were seriously injured in the crash, Cole and Rowdy wind things up to become their close friends.

days of Thunder It was a huge hit at the box office when it was released and developed a much larger cult following. At the time, some critics slammed the film for its over-the-top nature, but for fans of the cult classic, it’s one of the aspects that makes it work. Additionally, the iconic filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has credited days of Thunder As his favorite big budget racing film.

Tarantino once said of the film, “Yes, yes, you laugh but seriously I’m a big fan.” “To me days of Thunder The film should have been the Grand Prix and Le Mans. Sure, it had a big budget, big stars and a big director in Tony Scott, but it had the fun of those early AIP films. I don’t think it works if you take the whole thing too seriously. “

This may be because he has been spending a lot of time at home recently, but Rooker is also apparently going through some of his old props. In another recent post, he shows two colt pistols he made as Sherman McMasters in the 1993 Western film Tombstone. In the caption, Rucker also notes that he is now getting a rig to keep unclean weapons after keeping the Colts around the house for nearly three decades.

We’ve seen a lot of incredible things from Rooker since he first broke onto the scene in 1986 with his stunning performance as Titanic Killing Henry: Picture of a serial killer. He has received dozens of memorable roles from both big and small screen. Mallrats, JKAF, And this Guardians of the Galaxy Chain to true Detective, burn Notice, And The walking dead. He can be seen in the next upcoming Fast and furious result F9 And James Gun Comic Book Movie Suicide squad, And he will reproduce the role of Yondu in the animated Marvel series what if…?.

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