Michael Phelps’ Wife Nicole Worries About Losing Him to Depression

Michael Phelps' Wife Nicole Worries About Losing Him to Depression

This couple is 4 years old Boomer, 2-year-old Beckett And 16 months old vagabond, And it can be challenging for all three boys to know when to give their 35-year-old father some space.

Nicole said in a Jan. 12 interview, “The boys want to be near Michael when he’s on a rough day. They want to try and please him – especially Boomer because he’s the oldest,” Nicole he said. “So we’ll say, ‘Hey, Booms, Daddy has a hard time and just needs a moment to be alone.” We want Boomer to understand that this is not about him, this is about Michael. “

Fortunately, the couple have found a new routine that benefits them during the epidemic, including working together. In addition, Michael is cooking for the family every night.

“We’ve definitely grown up together through this and learned a lot,” she concluded. “It’s not easy, but I’m marrying the most incredible human being.”

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