Mercedes-Benz throws down the EV gauntlet at IAA Mobility –

Mercedes-Benz introduced a number of electric vehicles ahead of the IAA Mobility Show in Germany, including its first AMG-branded high-performance EV, a sedan and a G-Class SUV concept – part of the company’s bid to become electric. Is part of. Only automaker by the end of the decade.

Mercedes has already started production of the all-electric EQS, a higher-forward and sleek flagship that is an electric counterpart to the S-Class. At IAA Mobility, Mercedes aims to showcase its next big EV move.

Earlier this year, the automaker laid out its €40 billion ($47 billion) electric-only plan, a goal that will see the company become more vertically integrated, train its employees and power the batteries needed to power its products. will motivate you to save it. The plan really hinges on the previous goals of making and selling more EVs. Back in 2017, Mercedes said it would electrify — meaning gas-hybrid, plug-in hybrid or battery electric — its entire lineup by 2022. The German automaker said in July that it would offer battery-electric vehicles in every segment by next year. that it serves.

Mercedes aims to launch three electric-only architectures in 2025 that will form the basis of all of its new vehicles. Its so-called MB.EA platform will be used for larger passenger cars through it, while AMG.EA will underpin its performance Mercedes-AMG cars and VAN.EA will be the dedicated architecture for electric passenger minivans and light commercial vehicles. The company has already announced its “electric first” compact car architecture, known as the MMA, which will launch in vehicles by 2024.

Announcing the details of the new EQE, Mercedes Benz chief Ola Kelenius said, “The EV shift is gaining momentum, especially in the luxury segment where Mercedes is.” “That’s why there was a shift from ‘EV-first’ to ‘EV-only’. Next year we’ll have battery electric options in every segment, and by 2025 we’ll have at least one electric option for every model.”

Kelenius said the automaker aims to sell one EV for every two Mercedes cars by 2030, on the way to all-electric, where market conditions allow.

Mercedes-Benz EQB

Mercedes-EQ, EQB, 2021

The crossover, which was revealed by Mercedes earlier this year, has appeared at the automaker’s event. And this time, he shared a few more details, including that it’s bound for the United States sometime in 2022. It will launch in Europe and China later this year.

The EQB will be the first electrically powered production vehicle from the Kecskemét plant in Hungary. Vehicles are being produced in Beijing for the Chinese market. When the EQB arrives in the US, it will come in two variants. The compact SUV will launch first with 168 kW or 255 hp as the EQB 300 4MATIC and then as the EQB 350 4MATIC with 215 kW or 288 hp. In the former version, it will have 390 pound-feet of torque. In both cases, the range will be around 419 kilometers, or 260 miles, which is slightly less than the others revealed on Sunday. The automaker says a longer-range version will follow, as well as a front-wheel drive model.

The electric powertrain is a compact, integrated unit consisting of an electric motor, a fixed-ratio transmission with differential, a cooling system, and power electronics. An asynchronous motor is used on the front axle.

The compact EQB comes standard with five seats, but can convert to seven seats if you have a large family and need the extra space.

Mercedes-Benz EQE350

image credit: mercedes benz

The EQE sedan is the automaker’s answer to all those who wanted the flagship EQS but couldn’t afford it. The sedan will have a single electric motor that will produce 288 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque. For those keeping track, that’s 41 hp less than the EQS. The 90 kWh battery delivers about 660 kilometers, or 410 miles, or range, and can cover an additional 250 kilometers, or 155 miles, within 15 minutes of fast charging. When launched in the market, a second model will also be released with different variants, but Mercedes hasn’t announced further details.

The EQS has many features seen in its younger sibling, such as an advanced driver assistance system, front doors that open automatically and rear axle steering. The MBUX HyperScreen Multi-Screen Connected Entertainment System is available as an option. Despite its slightly smaller body, the EQE also features a spacious interior, with 27 mm more front seat shoulder room, 65 mm higher seating position and 80 mm longer overall cabin length than the current E-Class.

The EQE is the automaker’s fourth EQ car to be unveiled this year, and SUV versions of the EQS and EQE will be followed soon, according to Källenius. Production will take place in Bremen for the world market and Beijing for the Chinese market, and a staggering global launch will begin in mid-2222.

Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+

Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+

Get ready for power and performance. The AMG EQS is the first battery electric AMG production model based on the EQ architecture. Built in Affalterbach, it is meant to embody the perfect combination of a zero-emissions vehicle that still has power, body and luxury. To enhance that experience, the car is built with special hardware inside and outside the car with a sound system to make sounds while driving, giving a real AMG feel inside and outside the car.

The AMG EQS has two AMG electric motors offering a total system output of 484 kW or 658 hp. Kicking it up to “race start” will deliver 560 kW or 761 hp, as well as 1020 Nm of torque, which will take you from 0 to 100 kilometers in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour, or 155 mph.

A healthy braking system sends energy back to the battery, which has a total storage capacity of 108 kWh, providing 580 kilometers, or 360 miles, or range. The car is also equipped with over 200 kW for fast DC charging.

The AMG EQS is being produced at the carbon-neutral “Factory 56” at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfinding outside Stuttgart. Mercedes is planning to launch this vehicle in the market at the end of 2021.

Mercedes Concept EQG

image credit: mercedes benz

“Mighty sir!” Hurray for the EQG is a G-Class electric off-roader concept vehicle, complete with the strong character of 4×4G with the progressive luxury of the EQ model. The automaker didn’t provide too many details about the EQG as it still has a way to go before production, but here’s what we do know: It comes with four electric motors that have “a lot of power” and Located close to the wheels so that they can be controlled individually. There’s also a new rear axle and two-speed gearbox for on- and off-road driving.

That off-road driving will be put to the test at Mercedes’ test track in Graz at the 1,445-metre-high Skökal mountain, in a series model at the end of its development.

Mercedes Maybach Concept

Concept Mercedes Maybach EQS, IAA Munich 2021

This SUV concept vehicle will be the first all-electric Maybach in the long history of the conventional vehicle. The Maybach EQS has classic features of the old school model, such as a two-tone paint finish, along with the Progressive Drive technology of the EQ lineup. It’s also ugly as hell. The white piano lacquer interior looks plush and sleek, something in film and half sandalwood You can drive in the sky to reach your heaven. It is designed as a comfortable place to work or rest, especially if you go for the “executive seats” and “driver package”.

The SUV should hit the markets in 2023, but Mercedes said it will introduce the platform for the upcoming SUV early next year, and will have an estimated range of around 600 kilometers, or 373 miles.

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