Megan Fox Denies Anti-Mask Statements After a Fake Post Goes Viral

Megan Fox Denies Anti-Mask Statements After a Fake Post Goes Viral

The couple recently celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together, and it was nothing short of memorable.

On February 14, the “Bloody Valentine” singer claimed that she had waited for Megan – blood around her neck. In her Instagram post, the 30-year-old star demonstrated her vial-like necklace, with a drop of blood inside which appeared to be damp.

“I wear my blood around my neck,” she captioned her post, “My Bloody Valentine.”

Adding more fuel to the fire, Megan wrote on Instagram, “My heart goes there.”

“Manifest out of my body,” he continued, “a most unusually beautiful boy wrapped in a silent silhouette of magical and haunting kinetic and dangerous ethereal and dangerous cosmic eternal eternal creative genius.”

Earlier this month, a source told E! The news that Megan and Machine Gun Kelly are the real deal, saying that she is “very serious with MGK and sees him as her partner and life partner. They plan to be together forever.”

According to the source, the actress is hoping to finalize her divorce Brian Austin Green “So she can move on and move on.”

“Brian is definitely not working it easy or quickly,” said Megan, who wants Megan to wrap it up and get it done as soon as possible, but Bryan isn’t working with him at all. “

Both Brian and Megan have requested joint physical and legal custody of their three sons, Travel, 4, Bodhi, 6, and Noah, 8. In addition, Megan is asking to end spousal support for herself and the 47-year-old actor.

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