Meet Your 2021 People’s Choice Awards Pop Podcast Nominees

Whether we’re stuck in traffic on the way to the office or going on a nature walk, podcasts are the reliable and dependable friends we can’t live without.

And it’s clear that Pops can’t stop listening to the PopCast nominees for the 2021 People’s Choice Awards!

These eight contenders pour insight, curiosity, and a sense of humor into their podcast hosting duties, sparking colorful conversations about life, work, love, and of course, pop culture.

These nominees asked tough questions, educated themselves and the world, and above all, entertained us. From LOL-worthy interviews to all your favorite TV shows, it’s your time to show these podcast candidates that their hard work didn’t go to waste before the big awards show.

anything goes with emma chamberlain (who won last year), Chair Expert with Dax Shepardhandjob call her dadhandjob girls in officehandjob Conan O’Brien needs a friendhandjob Couple chatting with Sean and Andrewhandjob smartless And why won’t you date me? with Nicole Bayer Everyone is in a race to take home the trophy this year.

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