Meet the New Characters Ruling the Gossip Girl Revival

Meet the New Characters Ruling the Gossip Girl Revival

Get excited, Upper East Siders. It is time to complete the new class based on New York City’s private school scene.

HBO Max’s gossip Girl Revival begins the new year by revealing the character names of the stars of the show Whitney peak, Thomas Doherty, Tavi Jenvinson, Jordan Alexander, Sawan Smith, Zion Moreno, Ellie Brown, Emily Eileen Lind And Ivan Mock.

Along with uploading glamorous cast portraits, Instagram also dropped the one-word label for the revival series, which teased the personality of fictional students.

The new batch of teenagers from the private school included “Julian Calloway: Influence” (played by Alexander), “Monet de Hain: Power” (played by Smith), “Luna La: Style” (played by Moreno), “Wolf Wolf: Freedom Includes “(played by Doherty),” Audrey Hope: Grace “(played by Lind),” Kate Keller: Ambition “(played by Gavinson),” Otto “ob” Bergman IV: Privilege “(played by Brown),” Aikon ‘Aki’ Menzies: Innocence “(played by Mock) and” Zoya Lot: Perspective “(played by Peak).

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