Meet the Female Founders Alliance startups from TC Include at TC Sessions: Justice 2021 – ClearTips

We are less than two weeks away from TC sessions: Justice 2021, a day-long dive into the state of diversity, inclusion and equity in technology. March 3 is an opportunity for you to listen and connect with those who are using and challenging technology to disrupt the status quo for the betterment of all, through entrepreneurship, venture capital, labor organizing and advocacy.

This programming-packed day features leading movers, shakers and makers with presentations, breakout sessions, and interactive Q & As focused on laser, well, justice. Use the agenda and plan your day accordingly.

We are stuck about showing the participating members of our TC involved program. Don’t forget to meet and join these influential early-stage founders named by our influential founding organizations, Black Female Founders, Latinx Startup Alliance, Startout, and the Female Founders Alliance.

ClearTips provides these young founders with educational resources and mentorship over the course of a year in association with these organizations and VC firms such as Claren Perkins, Salesforce Ventures and Initialized Capital.

What’s more, TC will take the virtual stage for a live pitch feedback session with a ClearTips staffer during the Founders Conference involved. Get ready to take notes. Tune in – The advice you hear can help improve your pitch deck.

We have already turned startups nominated by Black Female Founders into the spotlight and today we focus on these amazing, early stage founders at the Female Founders Alliance cohort.

I-Ally: I-Ally is a community-driven app that saves time for millennial family carers and enables them to make informed decisions by providing services that meet their specific needs. Founded by Lucinda Koza.

Proner: Proner is virtual try-on and size-recommendation software that helps reduce returns in apparel retail. Founded by Nicole Farazi.

Tribute: Tribute is the only mentorship platform that connects employees together using the power of personal stories to create a continuous learning and development environment. Founded by Sarah Haggard.

Cirkled In: LinkedIn for Gen Z students, Cirkled is a 21st-century online profile and portfolio platform that connects Gen Z to best-fit colleges, employers and endless win-win opportunities. Founded by Ritu Gupta.

Datacey: The data marketer is the consumer to trade data. We connect consumers and businesses to enable high-quality, ethical and transparent data exchange. Founded by Paroma Indilo.

We will be exposing Latinx Startup Alliance and Startout partners soon, so stay tuned!

TC Session: Justice 2021 takes place on 3 March. Join this essential discussion, influence justice in your startup’s DNA and improve technology for everyone. We can’t wait to start.

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