Meet Merit, Katherine Power’s Minimalist Clean Beauty Line

If you’re looking for makeup, you can put on a year after the makeup-free zoom call and still feel yourself, try this.

Catherine Powers, founder of What Wear Fashion Empire and Versed Skincare, enters the makeup market with merit: a clean, super-added beauty line featuring only the products you want in five minutes, tops Preparation is required. “Power of the Brand,” which launches today, says, “Merit is the antidote to those heavy, saturated beauty brands taking too many steps and dropping 50 shadow palettes every week.” “I wanted to create a brand that could recreate luxury beauty for modern consumers like ourselves, making it clean, well-organized and accessible,”

Vibe-wise, we consider it Glossier for Growops. “As I saw the clean beauty landscape grow, I tried a lot of great products, but always felt like they were for a younger customer who was looking for newness and abundance,” she adds. It is makeup that is designed to make you look like you, which reduces the apparent shine.

Collection debut with just seven products: Bro 1980, a buildable brow pomade, shade sleek, a tinted lip oil, flush balm, a cheeky stain Power Call “Impossible-to-mess, up to” clean lacing mascara, Day Glow Highlighter and Minimalist Complexion Stick and Blending Brush.

The Power of the Highlighter says, “We created Day Glow because I just couldn’t find a highlighter that was truly suitable for day lighting.” To achieve belly minus to reduce radiance, Merit uses plant-based squalene, olive fruit oil, and an amino acid complex, which adds moisture to the skin.

Launched in 20 colors, the Complexion Stick is both a foundation and a concealer: how you want to use it. Acne-prone individuals will like that the ingredient list for the product is not included in LA-based celebrity esthetician Biba de Susa’s list of “no” ingredients. (Some of the new faces he has worked on include Miley Cyrus, Emily Blunt and Mandy Moore.)

Sustainability is another important principle of merit. First orders come with a reusable makeup bag (which easily doubles as a furry purse), while the second order ships with a packing of peanuts made from corn starch, which is completely Dissolves in water. Shipment boxes include 35-percent pre-recycled materials, and are fully recycled when you work with them.

If you’re looking for makeup, you can put on a year after a makeup-free zoom call and still feel yourself, try merit. Click through the slideshow below for your first look at the first Merit beauty collection.

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