Mayim Bialik has straight talk, honest advice on handling your mental health

Mayim Bialik has straight talk, honest advice on handling your mental health

With over one million followers on YouTube and thanks to his work as an actor on a popular show including The Big Bang Theory, Blossom and a new 2021 Fox sitcom called Call Me Cat, Mayim Balik used his reach Decided – and her doctorate in neuroscience – to share everything she knows about mental health.

“During the quarantine, I realized that many people who were already struggling with mental health challenges were seeing an increase in those challenges,” Balik, a mother of two boys, said in an interview for CNET now what? Chain.

“And many people who had never accepted before or experienced mental health challenges were suddenly saying, ‘How does it feel?” ‘What’s happening?’ ‘Why can’t I sleep?’ ‘Why can’t I eat?’ ‘Why do I have racing, scary thoughts?’ Many people were asking me the difference between anxiety attacks and panic attacks during the last year. “


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The result is a new podcast, called Mayim Balik’s Breakdown, which he co-produced with his partner Jonathan Cohen. The name of the series, she says with a laugh, so that she can present each show by saying “Welcome to my breakdown”. She becomes more serious when she talks about her goal: to reduce mental health issues and, with the help of guests, talk openly about stress, uncertainty, fear, and other feelings that We are living through it all. a (hopefully) Once in a lifetime epidemic.

“The key concept is that it is a human right for us to know about mental health, even to know what we are experiencing, what it is called, what it means if you It is hard to get help if it helps, ”she says from her home in Los Angeles.


“The idea is not a show about a celebrity who figured it all out and here are the amazing things that I do. I’m a person who is still on a path and on the road to recovery. We Many of us are still struggling., But this does not mean that there is no information that we can share, and the idea is to talk to experts in the field and those who specialize in their journey. “

To that end, she spoke with comedian and actor Iliza Schelsinger about coping with the stress of a female stand-up comedian, titled “Hurts to be avant: Mind body syndrome,” and co-creator of Bill Pradi, in. The Big Bang Theory, about the quirks and challenges of being on the autism spectrum, and the “well-adjusted, if cynical, adult from eccentric child and teenager.”


She also provides some “Leperson” guidance on coping with anxiety. For those overwhelmed by the crazy news cycle, Bialik says, one of the simplest solutions not involving medicines is “reducing the amount on what you take.” She advises “avoid interacting with people who are walking with people who make you feel elated or lucky.”

In addition, Balik talked about why it is important to shut down your brain even for seven minutes a day to help reduce your stress, and as a parent, he has tried to reduce the expectation of his children Has taught She lowers everyone’s stress levels at home, she adds with a laugh. “The notion of only two hours of screen time went out the window.”

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about health or health purposes.

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