Matthew McConaughey Shares His Long Process for Memorizing Scripts

When it comes to actors, few have an impressive resume as Oscar-winning Thessian Matthew McConaughey. Ever in his breakout role dazed and Confused. The actor has now started his own YouTube page, on which he discusses various topics from time to time. McConaghy recently posted a new video on his page where he explained his acting process and the importance of having the script approach various emotional vantage points.

“The questions I get asked most often and I think most actors are asked ‘How do you remember all those lines?’ And I’m always like, ‘Well, you don’t try to miss all the lines.’ What are you looking at the text. First, you read it and you try to understand it. You read it again. Me, I read it after a run when my endorphins are flying, I Read it late Saturday night when I’ve got it. A good buzz is going on, I read it right after church when I’m in the mood to forgive. I’ll read it when I’m mad, sad, Happy, happy, excited – many different places where I’m personally, I’ll read a script. That means I’ll keep a different eye on the same scene, because I’m in a different place. “

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Frankly, rather than focusing on memorizing written words, McConaghie stores too much by the intended feelings of a scene in the script. It also explains their elasticity when the film’s various genres range from romance to drama, to comedy and action, and to the different styles of tones and emotions they need.

The actor goes on to explain that the process of twisting the script in his head goes on for a long time, so that he can create a vision for the character in his head from an emotional point of view, and close in whatever scripts come. Do not want to perform it.

“I collect all of that for weeks, if not months ago, when I actually start locking up and can or can’t make a decision about my character. My ‘truth of my man,’ like That I say. You have to look into a script. There is not a hold of the things you want to take very literally, very quickly. You don’t want to be bound to anything. “

McConaguhe’s acting tips have been highly appreciated by his followers, who replied in the video’s comments section begging him to create this kind of material on his acting process. In addition to moving his YouTube forward, the actor is also building on his film and television obligations.

McConaughey was last seen onscreen in the 2019 Guy Ritchie action-comedy film gentleman. He will next provide his voice for the role of Buster Moon Sing 2, Which will see the veteran actor playing the role of an aspiring singer. The film, which also stars Scarlett Johansson and Terron Egerton, is scheduled to release in December this year.

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