Matrix 4 Delayed Until 2022, Godzilla Vs. Kong, Tom & Jerry, Witches Also Delayed

Warner Bros. continues to surprise anyone by extending the release date in its schedule following announcements made earlier today theory And Wonder Woman 1984 Its original release dates have been delayed. But following theory And Amazing woman Latest on news Matrix 4, Which was in production in Germany before production caused by the global health crisis. As a result, Warner took nearly a year from May 21, 2021 to April 1, 2022 to finish the picture.

This step of Asthak Fourth Matrix By the spring of 2022, the film, about a year earlier on the calendar, is the latest in a rapid-fire list of changes released this afternoon by Warner Bros. Anne Hathaway’s the witches The remake was also dropped from the release schedule altogether. yanking The witches A strange move on the whole, as it was destined to appear this October and, as such, the possibility was gone.

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Moving Matrix 4 The place will be made from the date of May 21, 2021 Godzilla vs Kang Delayed until November 19, 2020 to slide to that location. All these moves were made, however, because Warner still wasn’t done, they’re going to be animated Tom and Jerry From December 23, 2020 to March 5, 2021, and an untitled New Line horror film was pushed to June 4, 2021, and a completely untitled Warner Bros. ‘event film’ was planned for schedule from October 16, 2020 .

In total, WB put the dates forward on a total of six titles and pulled two others in full, with all the news cascading into Ethersere on Friday afternoon within about an hour. As we have long said, when most theaters are or are not open, studios cannot open major event titles with a production budget of $ 100 million or more. Despite the best efforts of major cinema chains, with both AMC and Cinemark recently committed to opening their global systems by mid-July, studios realize that with capacity limitations of 25% -50%, they Can’t open these huge films, which will further mess up the 2020 summer film slate.

The holocaust of titles pushing back, of course, wreaks havoc on the studio schedule as other titles will also have to slide. However, of course, they like Matrix 4 It was forced to shut down and will probably not expire in time for its original release dates, simply requiring more time – and all aspects of the process (including sound, effects, posts and more) There is a bottleneck in mass production. ), Increasing the likelihood that all incomplete projects will be delayed further.

It remains to be seen what other major studios will take action as they digest the new dates that Warner is claiming. It has been widely speculated that Disney may simply perform its live action Mulan Instead of directing Disney + to change their releases in theaters that are closing in July as they struggle to open amid major financial restrictions in July. Actually, with Nolan’s tenet now sitting on the date of July 31, Mulan Leading the pack of major post-shutdown reopening titles. The industry waits to see if Disney wants to break the ice, or simply move out of the way and the honor falls back to Nolan on July 31. This story was originally told by Variety.

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