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Maryland accepted individual tax returns starting from January 29, 2024and the filing deadline will be April 15, 2024. The deadline may be extended until October 15 if further time is required. You have to file Form 4868 to receive the extension.

Maryland Tax Refund Status

If you are a resident or nonresident of the state of Maryland and you get income from a source within the state, you are required to pay taxes. The sales tax rate is 6%, whereas the state income tax rates range from 2% to 5.75%.

Maryland provides several tax deductions and credits, such as the earned income tax credit, the standard deduction, the itemised deduction, the child and dependent care credit, and the college savings tax deduction, to help lower your tax obligation. Maryland is now providing and processing tax returns for the 2023 year.

Those who have filed taxes can check the status of your refund. You can contact the automated line at (410) 260-7701 or 1-800-218-8160 to find out the status of your current year refund, or you can check it online. To confirm information, make sure you have a copy of your return on hand.

File electronically rather than on paper if you’re expecting a tax refund and need it immediately. Within a few days of your return being approved and processed, authorities will deposit your refund into your bank account if you selected direct deposit.

How to check the Maryland Tax Refund Status Online?

By following the instructions below, you may find out the status of your Maryland tax refund.

  • Explore to view the status of your online Maryland state refund.
  • You will be required to provide your Social Security number, the amount of your Maryland refund, and the refund itself in order to access status information.
  • Next, to see the status of your refund, click “Check Status.” You’ll soon be able to view the status of your tax refund.

The state projects that processing paper returns will take 30 days due to financial restrictions and staff cutbacks.  E-filed returns are processed more quickly. Note that a return may be further delayed by various circumstances.

Maryland Tax Refund Status

How and where to file a Maryland Tax Refund?

The tax season for Maryland state has been opened from Monday, 29 January 2024. All the applicants who want to file and get their taxes earlier can now file their taxes online. The deadline to file your taxes will be 15 April, beginning from 29 January 2024. Those who file their taxes earlier can receive their refund soon.

After filing, it can take up to 30 days to refund your Maryland taxes. Maybe it will take additional time for processing and checking or it’s also possible some taxpayers will get their taxes soon. Here you can see the step by step filing process for Maryland Tax Return 2024.

  • Navigate to official website for filing status.
  • Here you have to find the form and check all necessary guidelines.
  • Fill Out the form carefully with required and requested information and paperwork.
  • Then double check the details and hit submit.

Maryland Tax Refund Requirements & Eligibility

The basic requirements and Eligibility for filing Maryland Tax Return are given below.

  • Compute your federal gross income, which takes into account all sources of revenue such as business, property, interest, wages, royalties, dividends, and more, to find your total federal income.
  • Any additional income from Maryland should be included to your overall Federal Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). This is your gross income in Maryland.
  • If you are a dependent taxpayer, deduct any Maryland subtractions from your total federal income and add any Maryland additions to it. This is your gross income in Maryland.
  • If your gross income in Maryland is equal to or more than the specified income thresholds as single $13,850, joint return $27,700, Married persons filing separately $13,850, Head of household $20,800, and Qualifying surviving spouse $27,700 and you’re below 65, you can submit a Maryland return.
  • If you or your spouse are 65 or above then the specified income threshold requirement for filing will be single $15,700, joint return $29,200, Joint return, both spouses age 65 or over $30,700, Married persons filing separately $13,850, Head of household $22,650 and Qualifying surviving spouse $29,200.

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