Marvel’s A-Force Arrives in Official MCU Art

Marvel’s A-Force Arrives in Official MCU Art

The MCU had long been criticized for its lack of diversity in its heroes’ galleries in terms of both race and gender. But despite the lack of solo films for MCU superheroines, the franchise has managed to bring together a roster of strong and powerful female heroes over the years. This formidable group is scheduled to be released in the upcoming 12-month calendar by Marvel, which dedicates an entire page entirely to their superheroines, as can be seen in the promo art.

The artwork features Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Gomorrah, Nebula, Valkyrie, Paper Potts, Okoye, Mantis, Wasp, and Shuri, all ready to compete in various states. The picture is a reference to the battle of climate Avengers: Endgame, Which saw all the above mentioned heroines together against Thanos’s forces.

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The scene was embraced by some during criticism for being too artificial. It’s also the closest MCU has ever gotten to a live-action adaptation of A-Force, the all-female Avengers team from Marvel Comics.

Since then, many fans have been getting inflicted to watch A force At MCU, an idea that has public support from Brie Larson, Tessa Thompson and many other Marvel actors. Kevin Feige is also firmly behind the idea, as he was the only one who fought long and hard to get a single Captain marvel Made the film, and explained during a press junk for Ant man and wasp That he envisions a future where the most Marvel heroes would be women.

“Listen, it would be wonderful to see all of our female characters the way we’ve seen … most of all, never all men, but mainly men. I think we’re getting to the point soon where We have a lot of great female characters. When they’re all women, all men, they’re our heroes. It’s just Marvel heroes, more than half of whom will be women. “

Such lofty claims, unfortunately, do not reflect the reality that the MCU has so far produced only a single superheroine film, and Black Widow had to wait until he was actually dead in the main continuity Go before he gets his own, upcoming solo film.

Nevertheless, the popularity of characters such as Valkyrie, Shuri, and Wasp have proved that comic fans do not desire to see female heroes on the big screen. One A force The film can prove to be a good money maker for Marvel, provided that it has a good story and uses its characters properly.

For now, female Avengers fans have Black widow To look forward, who will see Natasha Romanoff sometime between events Captain America Civil War, And Avengers: Endgame To confront the demons from her past and stop the program that turned her into an assassin who is ruining the lives of other women. The film is scheduled to release on 6 November this year, provided theaters are fully open by that time. This picture was first shared on

A-Force Marvel Calendar

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