Marvel Studios Legends first impression: This MCU series achieves exactly what it wanted to do

Marvel Studios has launched a new series called Marvel Studios: Legends. Short episodes (about 7 minutes) of the series recapitulate the history of each character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each episode revolves around a single character and traces his journey into the MCU.

The series aims to help viewers catch up with the history of their favorite characters ahead of the respective series premiere on Disney Plus Hotstar. For example, the first two episodes that are available right now are about Wenda Maximoff / Scarlett Witch and Vision and will help those who look forward to Vandavision.

The series does exactly what it promises – nothing more, nothing less. The episode is a compilation of scenes taken from MCU films that relate the character in the spotlight with added music to make the whole thing feel more consistent.

Editing is fast and accurate. There is not a single second that does not waste anything that does not add anything to the character.

This is an easy and easy way to get past the history of the characters of the MCU as well as without having to re-watch the films. The only catch is that you must have watched MCU movies to understand the visuals.

Still, it would have been better if the episodes had been longer. For the series it seems as if someone is watching the trailer for the character. Perhaps a montage of longer scenes in which the character would be more attractive.

Also, interviews with actors, writers and directors would have been greatly welcomed and would go a long way in making the series unacceptable for those who love the MCU.

Still, Marvel Studios is hard to blame: Ever since it’s achieving its primary goal, Legends – who was giving a crash course to your favorite MCU superstar. Also, the episodes are short, so even if you watch this series and don’t like it, you’ll still waste only minutes of your life.

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