Martin Scorsese Takes Aim at Streaming Content While Claiming That Cinema Is Being Devalued

Martin Scorssey is back to speak about what “cinema” is and what is not in a new op-ed published on Tuesday Harper’s magazine. In 2019, Scorsese received a lot of criticism when he claimed that Marvel films should not be considered cinema, comparing superhero films to theme parks rather than a true cinematic experience. Despite the backlash, Scorsese stood by his comments, stating that Marvel films simply were not for him.

With his new editorial, Martin Scorsese His feelings on this have become more about what the state of cinema has become. He does not specifically mention Marvel, Taxi driver The director said that the term “content” has changed considerably over the years, to include “all moving images” such as cat moves, Super Bowl commercials, and even superhero sequels. As Scorssey explains:

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“As recently as fifteen years ago, the word ‘content’ was only heard when people were discussing cinema on a serious level, and contrasted with and measured ‘form’. Then, slowly , It was used more and more by those who handled media companies, most of whom knew nothing about the history of art, or even cared enough to think what they should do. “

Recognizing that as a filmmaker, he benefited from the process, Scorsese also expressed his concern that this was affecting the art of cinema.

“On the one hand, it has been good for the filmmakers, including themselves. On the other hand, it has created a situation in which the viewer is presented in the playground at every level, which seems democratic. , But no further. ” What is ‘suggested’ by algorithms based on what you’ve already seen, and suggestions are based only on subject matter or style, then what does the art of cinema do? “

Scorssey said that adding theatrical experience to streaming platforms is changing the importance of cinema in our culture. Stating that “we can’t depend on the film business” to take care of cinema, The Goodfellas Helmer also says that it depends on those who truly love and respect cinema, including myself, to tell the industry that iconic films like Stanley Kubrick and Ingmar Burman There is an art of not exploiting manufacturers.

“Those of us who know cinema and its history have to share our love and our knowledge with more and more people. And we have to make it clear to the current legal owners of these films that they are very, very much Only property should be exploited and then they will be sealed. They are among the biggest treasures of our culture, and should be treated accordingly. “

With the Marvel situation, Scorsese’s words would attract some divided reactions on social media. Regardless of how many people agree or not, Scorsese is clearly stable with his opinion. you can read King of comedy Filmmaker’s full editorial in Harper’s magazine.

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