Marshall Major IV wireless headphones offer great sound, plus 80+ hours of battery life and wireless charging – ClearTips

Marshall Major IV wireless headphones offer great sound, plus 80+ hours of battery life and wireless charging – ClearTips

Marshall’s new Major IV headphones ($ 149.99) combine lightweight comfort with wireless charging, and up to 80 hours of playback for an iconic headset is inexpensive and flexible. At home or on the go, these are a great option with unique features that you will not find anywhere else in the headphones market.

the basics

This is the fourth iteration of Marshall’s Major On-Year Wireless Headphones, and they offer several new improvements to the lineup, including a new folding clip design that makes them even more compact when packed for travel – and this allows them to rest comfortably to enable another new feature on the charging pad: wireless charging using the Qi standard.

Marshall has also greatly improved battery life, advertising 80 hours of usage time on these, way above the 30+ promised in the previous generation. They still feature square earcups with that iconic martial look, but the detail on each is flat rather than pebble faux leather (which rests on the headband). The multi-directional control knob is also elevated above previous major designs, and has a 3.5 mm socket for wired sound, and for sharing your audio connection to another headset.

In the box, there is a coiled 3.5mm cable for that old Marshall amp feel, as well as a USB-C cable for wired charging, which will provide full 80+ hours of usage over three hours – or just 15 minutes to 15 hours. . With a new quick-charge feature.

Design and performance

The design of the Major IV is a classic martial aesthetic – which is great news. They look fantastic, with the iconic logo in the script on both ears. As mentioned, the earkey face is now sleek and matte, which looks great, and has a silicon edge on each, which helps keep the right earcup when placed on a wireless charger.

Image Credit: Marshal

These are compact, over-ear headsets that run comfortably, and this comfort is helped by the lightweight materials used in their manufacture. Despite feeling very light, they feel like they are made of quality materials that are thoughtfully made, and should last longer in terms of durability.

Marshall’s multi-directional controller is both an attractive cosmetic detail in gold, and a smart control interface that provides audio playback and seamless manipulation of volume.

Sound-wise, the Major IV offers great audio quality for the headset in this price range. The bass is rich, and the highs are clear. There is no noise cancellation at work here, so you’ll get a good amount of audio bleed-in from your surroundings, but they do a good job of sound isolation for an over-hearing set. And the sound quality has all been improved as the class-leading battery life Marshall has managed to pack into the Major IV. In fact, 80+ hours is just astonishing, and this means that you will be able to leave in at least a week or two without even thinking about the charger while actively using them.

Ground level

Marshall has indeed delivered an amazing value with the new Major IV. The combination of style, performance and quality in a headset that also has amazing battery life and unique wireless charging capabilities is a true accomplishment – and perks such as 3.5mm wired audio sharing are simply left out of the package. These are a great everyday headset that you won’t want to go without.

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