Margot Robbie Says There’s a 20-Hour Cut of Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

You think 4-hour Zack Snyder Justice League Is cut too excessive? If we assume that Margot Robbie, Quentin Tarantino is hiding a 20-hour cut of his latest opus Once upon a time in hollywood Somewhere in a vault in Los Angeles.

The actress was recently asked about the possibility of DC Comics fans Suicide squad Eyre Cut, which features unseen footage of Jared Leto interacting with Joker on his Harley Quinn. Instead of celebrating that potential HBO Max release, she decided to tease fans with a Tarantino cut for her Sharon Tate performance. She confirms Once upon a time The version that runs almost all day, but it is April Fool’s Day, so perhaps that is exaggerated.

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Margot Robbie was talking with Variety when she let him slip that there is a longer version Once upon a time in hollywood Swim around Snyder Cut has been in discussion on online film forums for months. Now that it has finally arrived, the cinephiles are wondering what other exotic and extraordinary cuts exist in the wild. Robbie teases this.

“20 hours is the cut Once upon a time in … hollywood It would be … there’s so much that you didn’t get to see, that we shot that was amazing, and for a million reasons, obviously, can’t make the cut. “

Margot Robbie Nothing mentions about the possible release of this additional footage, or what may or may appear in it. On the other hand, Quentin Tarantino has confirmed that there is a lot of additional footage from the film that can see the light of day through Netflix. He has or at least plans to cut Once upon a time in hollywood In many episodes using never-before-seen footage and transformed it into a new experience in the same way it changed The Hateful Eight In Streaming Miniseries for Netflix. There has been no update on that in a long time.

Margot Robbie offered what she knew about her original The Eyre Cut Suicide squad Effort. Warner Bros. appears to have put that version under the desk for later use perhaps because the studio is currently in the midst of promoting James Gunn’s semi-sequel, sort-reboot Suicide squad. Regarding Eyre Cut, Robbie seems like a lot of naysayers who claimed that we had never seen Snyder Cut in 4 hours of glory.

“There is no David Eyre cut that works or is going to be released.”

It is anyone’s guess whether we will ever see more cuts Suicide squad or Once upon a time in hollywood. But it seems that if fans are hungry enough, studios will eventually oblige. it looks as though Quentin Tarantino Really wants to expand Once upon a time in hollywood In the miniseries that tells us about Cliff Booth and Rick Dalton. This news about the 20-hour cut was first shared by Margot Robbie. This news originated in Variety.

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