Marc Maron Is Sitting on a Long David Fincher Interview the Director Won’t Let Him Release

If there is a successor to Stanley Kubrick’s place in Hollywood, specifically the filmmaker’s insistence, for many a single scene, the man will have to David fincher. fight Club The director is a notorious perfectionist, who insists on taking hundreds of a scene until everything in the scene works to his satisfaction.

Clearly, the search for perfection extends to Fincher’s personal life. In a recent interview with Jody Foster for his podcast, Mark maran It turns out that he has a two-and-a-half-hour interview with Fincher saved on the hard drive, as he is not allowed to release as Fiacher felt he did not do a good job in the interview.

“I talked with him for two and a half hours [Fincher]. And he didn’t think it was right. He will not let us release it. So I am sitting on this two and a half hour conversation with David Fincher. He’s like, I don’t know, let’s get this off, because I think I could have done more … He sounds like this perfectionist, you know, the man is pained. “

From her side, Foster is also familiar with Fincher’s obsession with trying to perform better. The actress played the lead role in the filmmaker’s 2002 offering panic Room. According to Foster, what Fyncher’s passion is worth enduring is the fact that he has the talent to back it up.

“He just wants me to put my arms around him and tell him, you know what it is, it’s okay. Like chillex. And I love him for it. I love him for that. So committed and he gives 100,000. More than anyone else on that film. I mean, and he can do any of our jobs better than us. I mean, he’s a better actor than me. He’s a better Pro is the master. He’s a better DP. So I’m always just, bowing in the presence of someone who is really just so gifted and so committed. But it’s hard to be David Fincher, I wouldn’t want to be him. “

While Foster seems to be forgiving of David Fincher’s way of working, not all his colleagues feel the same way. Notably Jake Gyllenhaal, who played the leading role in Fincher’s 2007 American Mystery thriller Amount, Was so fed up with the whole process that he later commented, “You have to take one, take 5, take 10. Some, take 90. But there’s a stopping point. There’s a point you go to, ‘That’s it. We’ll have to work together.’ But we’ll restart things. So a point came where I’d say, well, what do I do? Where’s the risk? “

The split reaction from his actors, no matter what, is consistent with Fincher’s latest film with critical acclaim BeadThe filmmaker’s intense methods are clearly still working for his career. Let’s hope that Fincher learns to relax a bit when it comes to non-film work and finally allows Maran to release his interview. The news came from Mark Maran’s WTF podcast.

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