Mandalorian Season 2, Apple Event | Digital Trends Live

Mandalorian Season 2, Apple Event | Digital Trends Live

On This Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibbler covered top trending news at Tech, including Apple’s new products, YouTube shorts, CBS All Access Paramount Plus and more. TThat mandalorian Season 2 trailer, and more.

Winnie Sun from the Sun Group of Wealth Partners joins the event to see their expenses and discuss saving for that pandemic holiday trip.

Deshuna Alyssa Spencer

KweliTV’s founder and CEO, Dsuna Alyssa Spencer, talks with Nibbler about its new streaming service, which celebrates Black Stories and filmmakers, and which is available ad-free on most streaming platforms.

Max philiser

Finally, Nibbler spoke with Max Phillisair, a Los Angeles fitness influenced and filmmaker, about how he is using health and fitness to empower the community.

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