Man City vs. Chelsea in the Champions League: Kick-off time, how to watch

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Sorry, Man City is probably going to win.

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The biggest match in club football, the Champions League final, will take place this weekend. The All-English Clash for All Marbles this year is Man City vs. Chelsea.

Who’s favorite? It is difficult to choose against Man City based on the current form. In his last outing, he ripped Everton in a 5–0 drubbing. But anything can happen in football and, since dismissing Lampard and bringing in Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea have looked and played like a different team – a lot Better Team.

And here’s a crazy stat: Chelsea beat Man City one last time Four chance.

It should be a cracker of the finals.

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Here is everything you need to know…

When does the Champions League final begin?


The final between Man City and Chelsea will take place on 29 May. The kick-off will most likely be at 3 pm ET (12 noon PT).

The uk

Second leg between Chelsea and Real Madrid. The kick-off will probably be at 8 pm GMT.


The final between Man City and Chelsea will take place on 30 May. Kick-off will most likely be AEDT at 5 am.

Where is the Champions League final taking place?

The final was initially to take place at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, but was recently transferred to the Estadio do Drago in Portugal.

How to watch the champions league final


It’s long and short, your best bet is to sign up with it Paramount plus.

All details can be found on Paramount Plus’s online coverage of Champions League matches Here. Paramount Plus has access All Champions League match. You will also be able to watch all matches in the Europa League, which is a second-tier European competition.

However, Univision has rights to the US Spanish broadcast of the Champions League. You can find out more here.

The uk

If you want to watch Champions League football in the UK, we recommend signing up with BT Sport.

BT Sport is streaming all of the Champions League matches, but it gives you access to other cool things like the UFC, so it’s worth getting.


Like the English Premier League, Optus Sport is showing all Champions League matches in Australia.

If you care about watching football at all, then the Optus Sport deal is a good one. Especially if you follow the EPL, being the most high profile league on the planet, most football fans do.

Disclaimer: I subscribe to the service and love it. Easy access to all matches on my smart TV and works well with mobile apps.

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