Mamik Singh: I handled my career very casually

Much appreciated, after making his debut with Jeeta Wahi Sikandar, Mamik Singh was postponed to become a star. However, with his own admission, the actor lacked focus, and was satisfied with whatever work he was offered. Now, as the world enters a new decade, Singh wants to return to acting with much force.

After a cameo in Scam in 1992, Mamik Singh is now playing the lead role in ALTBalaji and ZEE5 Who’s Your Daddy? 2. In an exclusive chat with, the actor opens up about his latest project, raging to work on all mediums and blaming himself for not getting multiple projects.

Excerpts from the conversation…

Who was your daddy 2 that you took it?

I think it will be more because of producer Ekta Kapoor. I have been around for a long time, but never got to work with him. So when the opportunity came, I just dived into it. My experience was extremely fun, especially since it was a style that was very different from what I’ve done. We had a watch time, and it was crazy but a pleasant experience. We shot on small streets and houses, and even went to our homeland Punjab.

Tell us more about the show and your part.

It is a mill-comedy set in a small town. It is really well written and driven – a clean Punjabi comedy. I am not the character I am playing, so it made it even more fun to fit into my skin. The moment I put my hands on that mustache, the magic happened, and I lost myself, and performed as the script demanded. I am sure all of you will also enjoy watching the show. After disappearing for a while now, I am really furious to pick up more and more interesting parts.

Who is still your daddy? 2.

And what happened with this change?

I have been very stupid all my life. I wanted to act but didn’t want to knock on someone’s door. It took me time to understand that you need to go out, and focus if you want to keep working. God is kind, and there are some amazing roles that have fallen in my bag. The way I started, any boy would have taken advantage and pushed his career forward. However, I had no plans but now I want to change things for myself. There are some amazing characters that are being written, and I am eager to work on different genres and mediums. After working with young actors on this show, I realized how focused they are at such a young age. He is very charged about his career, and it has inspired me to do better.

Who is coming back, your daddy? 2, did the father have any kind of apprehension to play on screen?

Not at all. What do you want me to do at this age? (Laughs). However, I feel strongly that I can move the show forward. I can still pull off some hardcore strong roles. I have an ace up my sleeve.

You did a small part in Scam 1992 and now this web show. Are you enjoying the medium?

I am honestly very excited and eager to dive into it. We all talk about it being an itch, and I think I get it back. I got some great roles but I handled my career very carelessly with no attention. not anymore!

But do you think Bollywood did justice to your talent?

I am not going to see things this way. The industry is not going to give, the person has to go and bring what they want. At the present time, all stars are an institution in themselves. They make their own films, and cater to a large population. And given that you can’t take the audience anymore, there are some amazing content, which is getting helm. I recently went to Scotland to shoot Bell Bottom, where I have an eyelid and miss role. I was surprised at the hard work Akshay Kumar does. You cannot hold your success against him. He has topped it all to get it.

You also enjoyed a successful staging on television. Why didn’t you rake more in it?

Because I was lazy. I know that I should have been over 150 movies old and have many TV shows to my credit. I only worked on the show, whose producers were in contact with me. They almost pulled me out of my house.

Now that you are getting ready for your second innings, things have changed a lot in the industry. On top of things are managers and PR. Have you managed to cope with the changes?

Please help me find a manager first (laughs). Honestly, I have not yet understood how things work, and how one needs to network. I have never done this. I’m just hoping that after working with Ekta she can give me more work, and keep me busy throughout the year. That would be the best thing.

Also, who has influence on social media, Bhavin Bhanushali and Samish Sood, who is your daddy? 2 is streaming on ALTBalaji and ZEE5.

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