Malia Obama Joins Writing Staff of Donald Glover’s Amazon Project

Malia Obama Joins Writing Staff of Donald Glover's Amazon Project

Malia ObamaThe new job is sure to make all other 22-year-olds feel like total slackers.

Barak And Michelle obamaAn older daughter has joined the writers room for a possible series Donald glover According to, Amazon is producing as part of its new contract for Studios Hollywood reporterThe story is on Wednesday, February 17, which quoted sources. Variety And time limit It also confirmed this news citing its sources.

Series from author Jane Nubers, Who previously worked on HBO Janitor, And is said to have a Beyonce-Type public data, per Three hearted, Who also reported that Malia was recruited to work on the project.

It is the first college-to-college gig for the first daughter, who is set to graduate from Harvard University as part of the Class of 2021.

Malia has long been interested in following the path of Hollywood. According to Three hearted, Malia did an internship with The Weinstein Company in 2017, after previously undergoing HBO comedy The girls And worked as a production assistant on CBS ‘ Halle Berry drama Present.

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