Month Wise Pension Amount and Payout Dates are here

Get to know the Malaysia Pension Payment Dates 2024: Month Wise Pension Amount and Payout Dates are here. The older citizens who will be retiring or are retired must be waiting to know the Malaysia Pension Payment Dates 2024. The citizens must retire at the standard age to receive the maximum pension benefits. They have the option to work after 60 years but they must consider the age criteria and the medical concerns that they might have as these could hamper the regular work process.

Malaysia Pension Payment Dates 2024

According to Section 4(1), citizens who are now 60 years old have to take retirement. The country’s standard retirement age is comparatively lower than the other countries. The citizens who want to take the Malaysia Pension benefits must retire at this age only. However, it is the choice of the seniors to work above this age.

There are exemptions from the age criteria that can be communicated with the employer prior. The pension payment will begin on 27th February 2024. Continue reading the article to know the Malaysia Pension Payment Dates 2024.

What is the Malaysia Pension Scheme?

The contribution rate is considered to provide the scheme. For example, 11% is for the citizens who are around 60 years old. 5.5% for the people who are between 60 and 75 years. Whilst the individuals who have not crossed the 55 years will have to make a 70% contribution to the funding retirement and 30% can be used for the monthly expenditure.

Malaysia Pension Payment Dates

No employee can be forced to an early or late retirement. After the standard retirement age, the employees can make their own decisions. The citizens who have a family to handle or debt to manage to continue working after 60 years of age.

What is Month Wise Pension Amount 2024?

The permanent residents of the country who are the survivors or staying with the legal partner are eligible to get the amount. They must have made the equivalent contributions when they were employed.

The citizens will receive the 60% of their last drawn salary. The rate of interest is 2.5% for all the employees. RM240,000 is the minimum payment that the citizens will receive as a pension. The retirees have a choice to make the payments for a month or a year.

To claim the payment, the citizens have to submit their identity cards, employment details, salary slips, residency proof, birth certificate, and income proof to the officers.

The Public Pension Scheme was started under the Employees Provident Fund Act 1991. 23% is the total contribution at which the citizens receive the pension. The amount is effective and can be achieved monthly or yearly.

How to Plan Retirement in Malaysia?

Planning out before the retirement is a complete fun. You actually know what you need to do with the money eventually you are more likely to spend more. Invest in EPF, PRS, and EPF-i. The private sector employees can get the Employees’ Provident Fund according to the regulations of the Government. The payment will be done according to your 12% contribution and 3.67% of the employer’s contribution.

Review the account and plan out more savings for a month. There are credits that are provided by the Government that can be used to compensate the overall costs. Cook at home more often to control the expenses. There are essentials that can be purchased at an affordable rate.

Malaysia Pension Payout Dates 2024

The Government has already fixed the duration in which the payment is provided. The changes are only made according to the specific provisions of the concerned authorities. The payment will be done according to the late and the early retirement. We have shared the dates below for your reference:

  • 27 Feb 2024
  • 26 March 2024
  • 26 April 2024
  • 29 May 2024
  • 28 Aug 2024
  • 25 Sept 2024
  • 29 Oct 2024
  • 27 Nov 2024
  • 27 Dec 2024

These are the predicted dates for the pension. The citizens must keep patience if they do not receive the payment. They must not be in a hurry and enter their sensitive information in any unofficial web portal. The citizens must browse the main portal to get the latest updates. The officials will be available to receive, understand and provide an effective resolution to the queries.


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