Madhya Pradesh Police Vehicle Enquiry – Status Check, Procedures, Facilities

The “Madhya Pradesh Police Vehicle Enquiry” system is likely a digital initiative implemented by the Madhya Pradesh Police Department to facilitate the tracking, management, and enquiry of police vehicles. This kind of system would generally encompass several key aspects:

  1. Vehicle Tracking: The core feature would be the ability to track police vehicles in real-time, using GPS technology. This is crucial for operational efficiency, ensuring quick response times, and for the overall management of the vehicle fleet.
  2. Vehicle Management: This includes managing the logistical aspects of the police fleet, such as maintenance schedules, fuel consumption, vehicle availability, and usage tracking.
  3. Enquiry and Reporting Functions: The system might allow police personnel and possibly the public to make enquiries regarding police vehicles. This could include verifying the legitimacy of vehicles claiming to be police vehicles or reporting issues related to these vehicles.
  4. Database Integration: The system could be integrated with a broader database that includes information about vehicle registration, insurance, and other relevant details.
  5. Safety and Security: Enhancing the safety of police officers by providing real-time data about their location and the status of their vehicles. This can be crucial in emergency situations.
  6. Resource Allocation and Planning: The system aids in effective resource allocation and planning, ensuring that vehicles are available where and when they are needed.
  7. Compliance and Legal Aspects: The system also helps in ensuring that all vehicles are compliant with legal requirements, such as emissions standards, registration, and insurance.
  8. User Interface: The system is likely equipped with a user-friendly interface for easy access and use by police personnel.

This type of system represents an important step in modernizing police operations and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of police services in Madhya Pradesh. It’s part of a broader trend towards the use of technology to improve public services and safety.

Madhya Pradesh Police Vehicle Enquiry

Organization : Madhya Pradesh Police
Facility :Vehicle Enquiry
Applicable State : Madhya Pradesh

Home Page :
Enquiry here:

Vehicle Enquiry

** Click Type of search Verify recovery status of stolen vehicle or Verify status of 2nd hand vehicle (Stolen or Not)

** Enter Name
** Enter City
** Enter Pin Code
** Enter Mobile
** Enter EMail
** Select Vehicle Type
** Select Vehicle Make
** Enter Registration No
** Enter Chasis
** Enter Engine
** Enter Year of Manufacture
** Enter Color

Madhya Pradesh Police – Status Check Procedures Facilities

Vehicle recovery status of stolen vehicle :
By selecting this option, you can determine the whereabouts of your stolen vehicle across the country. In the event that a match is found, you may proceed to the appropriate Police Station where it has been recovered and initiate the restoration process. Rest assured, this service ensures convenience and peace of mind for vehicle owners.

Verify status of 2nd hand vehicle(stolen or not) :
If you are considering purchasing a used vehicle, it is important to ensure that it is not stolen. By verifying the vehicle details and identifying any matches, you can avoid acquiring a stolen vehicle.

Advantage of giving personal details in the form : .
A. By providing accurate personal information, NCRB can reach out to you promptly whenever necessary.

Is it necessary to enter all the details asked for. :
All items except the one in Red are optional. When it comes to the three parameters of Registration No, Chassis No, and Engine No, any two of them can be entered.

How to Report an Offense & to Whom :
According to Section 154 of the Cr.P.C., it is the duty of a Police Officer to promptly register a cognizable offense upon being reported by any individual. This ensures accountability and timely action in addressing criminal incidents.

The offence can be reported :
** By submitting in writing the details of offence either personally or through post
** By narrating orally to officer in-charge of Police station
** By informing through telephone

** The offence should be reported to officer incharge of a police station as far as possible but can be reported to MHC. If these officials refuse to register an offence a person can approach Supervisory Officer of police station or Supdt. of Police of the district

** Copies of FIR’s are given free of cost
** Insist on claiming your FIR Copy immediately after registration of a case
** A Criminal case (FIR) can be registered only in the event of a cognizable offence

About Us :
Madhya Pradesh, as it exists today, was formed on November 1, 2000, through the division that gave rise to the new state of Chhattisgarh. The reorganization of states led to the establishment of Madhya Pradesh on November 1, 1956. It comprised the former central province of Bhopal, Madhya Bharat, and Vindhya Pradesh.

At its inception, the state had a total of 252 Gazetted Officers and 39,785 Non-Gazetted Officers and personnel, covering 739 Police Stations. In the newly formed state, six posts of DIG were created.

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